Enchanting's Friend Tearfully Asks for Prayer for the Raptress in Hospital

Johnnie Damn D, who played an important role in the raptress' career, looks distraught in a video as he sobs and breathes heavily while asking everyone to send a prayer up for former 1017 artist.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Enchanting may be fighting for her life in the hospital. The former 1017 artist appears to be in a dire situation as her friends have posted on social media, sending their prayers for the rising hip-hop star.

On Monday, June 10, Johnnie Damn D posted a video that showed him in what looks like a hospital. He didn't seem to need any medical assistance in the clip, but he looked distraught as he asked for prayers for Enchanting.

Johnnie, who previously claimed he played a crucial role in Enchanting's career, was breathing heavily in the video and struggled to control his breaths as he sobbed. After wiping tears from his eyes, he begged to his followers, "Everybody, pray for Enchanting. Pray."

Johnnie did not explain Enchanting's situation, but another rapper's Instagram Story appears to corroborate his post. 1017 artist FTO Sett posted a photo of Enchanting and wrote along with it, "Come on Champ," hinting that she's in need of support.

While both posts raised questions among fans, many were quick to send their prayers for Enchanting. "Desperate times call for desperate measures this man been in this lady's life for awhile now before it all he probably legit," one person wrote in response to Johnnie's plea. "Dont know what else to do but to get on here crying and asking for prayers man this is sad. She is such a sweet talented girl I pray she makes it out okay man lord wrap your healings arms around lord if it is your will please allow her to come out of this."

"Father god wrap your hands around this beautiful woman n give her strength to fight," another person wrote. A third sent their prayer, "Please God cover this woman," as another penned, "I hope she is okay she ain’t been the same since Scarr passed smh."

The last fan was referring to 1017 artist Big Scarr, who passed away from an accidental prescription drug overdose at his girlfriend's house in December 2022. Mourning his death, Enchanting posted in the same month, "My favorite hype man I love you so much wish this was a dream everyday I wake up to text saying am I ok & I realize it's reality I'm so heartbroken n I'm not ok I just want my dawg back we used to stay together literally wake up to his a*s everyday n I'll keep them memories close forever."

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