Kehlani Proudly Displays Palestinian Flag in 'Next 2 U' Music Video

The 'Good Life' hitmaker also voices her support for Palestine when teasing the song earlier this week as she posted a picture of a T-shirt featuring the song title and the country's flag.

AceShowbiz - Kehlani presses on her effort to speak up against Israeli genocide against Palestine. The singer even proudly displays the Palestinian flag in a music video of her new single, "Next 2 U".

The clip was released on Friday, May 31. In the visuals, the 29-year-old shows off her choreography skills along with a group of backup dancers dressed in black and white outfits.

When teasing the song earlier this week, Kehlani shared the track's cover art shot by @israelriqueros. Also posting a picture of a T-shirt featuring the song title and the Palestinian flag, the musician added, "@simsim.jpeg is a Palestinian artist who designed this t shirt that is being printed & shipped by @nolcollective in Palestine. i'm honored to work with you both."

"100% of the proceeds are going to be distributed amongst Palestinian, Congolese & Sudanese family through @operationolivebranch who have been doing incredible direct action work getting families out of Gaza, rebuilding homes of those who want to stay, & now launched their Congo & Sudan branch," she continued. "song, video, and merch out 5/31."

A few days prior, Kehlani posted short clips wherein she called out those who had not spoken up on the ongoing genocide in Palestine. In one of the videos, she did not hesitate to call them "disgusting" for remaining silent.

Along with the clips, the musician wrote a lengthy caption. "I don't got it no more i just don't," she penned. "I tried hella ways to cope & it doesn't exist and that's okay, nobody should know how to cope right now."

"I tried to drop some music & get my mind back right, my focus back & the rage is just EXTREMELY prevalent. this s**t is f**king me up BEEN f**king me up it should be f**king a lot of yall up but apparently it's not????" she fumed. "what's good yall???"

The "After Hours" singer further stated, "We don't sell out shows without A CROWD FULL OF PEOPLE. the songs don't chart without PEOPLE. the trends don't trend without PEOPLE." She raged,"You don't draw a line at beheaded babies or people burnt alive after 7 months the of plenty of other atrocities ? idc about the roll out the formula the strategy the algorithm at this point i'm begging U TO BE PEOPLE," she ranted. "BE A F**KIN HUMAN BEING."

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