Blake Shelton Jokes About Retiring From Music After Spending $40K for Movie Role With Mark Wahlberg
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At the elegant 27th Annual Keep Memory Alive Power of Love Gala in Las Vegas, country music icon Blake Shelton not only showcased his philanthropic spirit but also cracked a joke about a potential pivot to movie stardom.

AceShowbiz - At a star-studded event in Las Vegas, Blake Shelton, the country music superstar known for his deep voice and heartwarming hits, stepped into a new light. The Keep Memory Alive's 27th Annual Power of Love Gala, held on May 10, served not only as a venue to honor Shelton's extensive philanthropic efforts but also hinted at his future aspirations in the movie industry.

In an eventful evening that combined charity with gleaming Hollywood prospects, Shelton managed to snag a walk-on role in a forthcoming Mark Wahlberg film for a hefty $40,000 bid.

This potential pivot comes with a considerable price tag, but Shelton appeared unfazed, jokingly proclaiming on stage, "This is maybe the last time I'm ever gonna perform country music," before confidently adding, "I'm a movie star now. I'm not f***ing around."

Yet, despite this jest at a career transition, Shelton remained true to his musical roots, delivering heartfelt performances of "Sweet Caroline," "Ole Red," and "Sangria," which charmed the audience at the Las Vegas gala.

Amidst the glitz of his movie star moment, Shelton's night was deeply interwoven with love, both charitable and personal. Joined by his wife, Gwen Stefani, 54, on stage for a duet of "Nobody But You," Shelton showcased a softer side.

The couple's chemistry was palpable, evident in Stefani's adoration-filled introduction of Shelton, praising not only his vocal talent but his generous spirit. Stefani highlighted his commitment to a spectrum of causes, from veterans' services to wildlife conservation, depicting him as a beacon of philanthropy whose "generosity is genuine and endless."

Even as Shelton looks forward to a potential stint in Hollywood, his foundation remains firmly planted in his efforts to give back and uplift. Additionally, Shelton shared a glimpse into his role as a stepfather, humorously noting how Stefani's sons from her previous marriage have the Mother's Day celebrations splendidly covered, allowing him to "just take a back seat and watch these boys."

As Shelton juggles his country legacy with burgeoning Hollywood dreams, what remains constant is his unwavering dedication to his family, philanthropy, and perhaps now, a new audience on the big screen. His venture into film might have come at a cost, but for Blake Shelton, it's a bid not only on a movie role but on a chance to broaden his horizon while staying true to his roots and values.

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