Tamar Braxton Sparks Debate After Choosing Mariah Carey Over Whitney Houston
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The 'Love and War' hitmaker creates online chatter after she says that she prefers the 'What I Want for Christmas Is You' singer over the 'When You Believe' hitmaker in a resurfaced clip.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton is more of a Mariah Carey girl than a Whitney Houston one. The former sparked online chatter after she said that she prefers the "Reflection" singer over the "When You Believe" hitmaker in a resurfaced clip.

In the clip, which was from a live taping in 2022 for the "State of Black Music" Podcast at the National Museum of African American Music, Tamar said that she's "never been a huge Whitney fan." Tamar, however, added, "I don't want you guys to take it out of context."

"I'm not saying that I don't like her music. I'm not saying that she wasn't a phenomenal singer. I'm not saying her songs weren't amazing," she further explained. "But for me, because you asked me a personal question, my personal preference would always be Mariah Carey. Period."

After watching the video, Internet users showed mixed responses. Some fans defended Tamar with one saying, "If you know Tamar she always LOVED Mariah Carey." Sharing the same music taste, one other wrote, "Both are great singers but I'll for sure play a Mariah record before Whitney. Especially on a road trip."

"She's not saying anything wrong about her preference. It's ok people... you can relax. You prefer one over the other as well. It's ok to choose. People want Tamar to be the bad person all the time," a user added. One fan noted,"Some of y'all in these comments wanna turn this into something negative my fav didn't take nothing away from Whitney Mariah is her goat and her idol it's always gonna be Mariah when anyone gets brought up with Tamar."

Some others, meanwhile, left some shady comments. "We prefer Toni over her so what's the issue," one penned, referring Tamar's sister Toni Braxton. "Likeeeeeee I prefer Tamar over Toni! I like all the high notes Tamar singing on ATWH, L&W, IIDHY, while someone else might prefer Toni's lower tone," another echoed the sentiment. Someone else similar commented, "Like we prefer Toni over you."

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