Sydney Sweeney Surprises Her Parents by Paying Off Their Mortgage
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The 'Euphoria' actress divulges the heartwarming gesture she made to express her gratitude for the sacrifice and unwavering support her mom and dad showed for her.

AceShowbiz - Sydney Sweeney, the 26-year-old "Euphoria" star, has recently paid off her mother Lisa Sweeney's mortgage outside of California. "I recently paid off my mom's mortgage," she shared with WhoWhatWear, "It was a really big thing to be able to do."

Sweeney expressed her gratitude for her mother's unwavering support during her journey to Hollywood stardom. Her mom as well as her dad Steven were always there for her and had to make many sacrifices along the way as she tried to land roles in Hollywood.

Growing up, Sweeney's mother faced financial challenges, inspiring the actress to help her in any way possible. "My mom grew up with barely anything. She got her GED when she was 16; she worked five jobs to put herself through school; she took care of her brothers," Sweeney said. "She takes care of everyone."

In addition to paying off her mother's mortgage, Sweeney purchased a house of sentimental value to her family. Originally owned by her great grandparents, the home where her grandmother and mother were born was sold after her great grandfather passed away. However, Sweeney contacted the current owners and bought the house back last year.

"My great-grandmother had this beautiful house, two bedroom, cute house that they lived in," Sweeney explained. "My grandma was born in it. My mom was born in it, and then as the kids got older, they built on the property another home."

Sweeney's attachment to her family runs deep. She tries to stay close to them amidst the chaos of Los Angeles, which provides grounding in contrast to her hometown of Spokane, Washington. "I try to incorporate them into my life as much as possible, whether it's talking with my cousins every other day or going home," she shared.

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