Christine Quinn's Husband Denies Hitting Son With Glass, Seeks Restraining Order Against Her

Christian Dumontet has responded to his estranged wife's domestic violence allegations, insisting he never hurled a bag of glass at her or their 2-year-old child.

AceShowbiz - In a surprising turn of events, Christine Quinn's husband, Christian Dumontet, has filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against her, just one week after she obtained an emergency protection order against him.

According to court documents obtained by, Dumontet disputes Quinn's domestic violence allegations, claiming that a dispute over their housebroken dogs escalated into a confrontation. He alleges that Quinn refused to train the dogs, resulting in them urinating and defecating throughout their expensive home.

On the day in question, Dumontet claims that the dogs had urinated on some of his belongings in an area he believed to be animal-proof. When he confronted Quinn about it, he found her in the bedroom with cleaning supplies and grew frustrated.

Dumontet denies Quinn's accusation that he threw a bag of glass at her and their son. He maintains that the bag contained paper towels and soiled rags and that he threw it against a wall. He also denies throwing the bag at their son.

Dumontet alleges that Quinn falsely reported the incident to the police and lied about domestic violence to potentially gain an advantage in a future divorce. He claims that Quinn called the police after he attempted to remove their son from the area and that officers arrived with guns drawn and arrested him based on Quinn's allegations.

Dumontet accuses Quinn of filing a false police report and manipulating the situation to set herself up more favorably for a divorce. He further alleges that Quinn quickly involved the police to gain an upper hand in the argument.

A judge has not yet ruled on Dumontet's TRO request. The counterclaims made by Dumontet paint a very different picture of the incident, raising questions about the validity of Quinn's initial domestic violence allegations.

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