Christine Quinn Accuses Estranged Husband of Spying on Her With Hidden Cameras at Home

In a series of shocking court documents, the 'Selling Sunset' star has accused her estranged husband, Christian Richard, of espionage and harassment amidst their bitter divorce.

AceShowbiz - In the sunlit, opulent world of Hollywood's real estate, a disturbing story unfolds as Christine Quinn, the 34-year-old alumna of the Netflix series "Selling Sunset," details chilling allegations against her estranged husband, Christian Richard. Amidst their contentious divorce, Quinn has lodged serious accusations of spying, harassment, and endangerment of their young son.

Quinn claims Richard, a software engineer, orchestrated a surveillance operation against her, employing hidden cameras and Apple AirTags to monitor her every move within their shared Hollywood Hills mansion.

According to court filings, Quinn discovered numerous spying devices scattered throughout their residence, including in her personal office, hinting at an invasion of privacy that she neither consented to nor was aware of.

Adding insult to injury, Quinn described returning to their home - once a castle of dreams - only to find it in a state of deliberate desolation. She accused Richard of trashing the property to render it "unlivable," a calculated move to prevent her and their 2-year-old son, Christian Georges, from reclaiming their space. The house, described in court documents as "hazardous, filthy, and unlivable," was allegedly the stage for Richard's last act of control over Quinn.

The estrangement turned darker with allegations of a security guard, purportedly hired by Richard, both surveilling and physically occupying the mansion. Quinn's account detailed an unsettling encounter with the guard, who allegedly threatened her with remarks such as "I will be seeing you again."

This Hollywood saga took a turn for the worse in March when Richard was arrested for domestic violence, followed by a second arrest for breaching a restraining order obtained by Quinn. The legal battle has escalated, with both parties trading restraining orders and Quinn alleging Richard's acts of domestic violence and child abuse.

On his end, Richard denied the allegations and cited Quinn's untrained dogs as the reason behind the couple's altercation that led to his arrest.

As the divorce proceedings trudge on, Quinn seeks full custody of their child, painting a harrowing picture of fear and surveillance that has overshadowed what might once have been a fairy-tale romance. Their Hollywood Hills mansion, a tangible symbol of success, has become a battleground where accusations fly as freely as the California breeze, leaving the young family's future uncertain.

In the glare of the public eye, this high-profile divorce serves as a stark reminder of the personal costs of fame, revealing a story of betrayal and surveillance where privacy becomes a luxury too expensive to afford.

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