French Montana Labeled a Hypocrite for Saying Current Rappers Are Just Chasing 'Biggest Numbers'
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The 'Unforgettable' hitmaker, born Karim Kharbouch, comes under fire after speaking on artists being 'brainwashed' to have the biggest streaming numbers.

AceShowbiz - French Montana has been dragged online over his recent comments. The "Unforgettable" hitmaker was dubbed a hypocrite for saying current artists are being "brainwashed" to have the biggest streaming numbers.

"Those Spotify numbers - when everybody put them s**ts up - is almost like you hustlin' on the block," the 39-year-old emcee stated when appearing on 'Clue Radio". "They got all of us chasing that and not even knowing that we just showing stats that don't even belong to us, that belong to the label."

"We all brainwashed [into competing for] who's going to have the biggest numbers - it's taking the love out of music," the Moroccan-American rhymer, whose real name is Karim Kharbouch, continued. "People aren't making music that they love no more."

French's remarks didn't sit well with many social media users. One person in particular commented, "Says the guy who accused of using bots to his streams." Another added, "He is preaching but he is the WORST absolute person to be talkin bout this, bro whole career was making trash commercial music with any features he could to chase those numbers hahaha."

On the subject of French packaging his latest album into 126 cuts, an Instagram user added, "So he released 5 versions of his album for theā€¦love?"

In music-related news, French released an extended edition of his latest effort last week. It features six versions of each song, explicit, sped up, slowed down, instrumental, acapella and clean.

In an interview with TMZ, he assured fans that his decision to do so was "simple science." He also admitted to have been inspired by Taylor Swift, whose music enjoyed a boom in sales after she recreated her old work.

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