Fans Slam Shannon Sharpe Over Belittling Label for Saweetie
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During a new episode of his and Chad Ochocinco's 'Nightcap', the former NFL star also made the 'Best Friend' hitmaker about her past relationship with Quavo.

AceShowbiz - Shannon Sharpe upset Saweetie and her fans with the way he described the raptress. During the Thursday, February 8 episode of his and Chad Ochocinco's "Nightcap", the former NFL star introduced the "Immortal Freestyle" femcee as "the one that used to date Quavo."

"When I got the memo today talking about Saweetie, I was like, 'Saweetie Saweetie?' I mean, like, 'the one that used to date Quavo?' " Shannon said while kicking off the interview. Upon hearing that, Saweetie made it clear that she wasn't happy with the label as she responded, "Why you do that to me?"

In his defense, Shannon replied, "Because I wanted to make sure it was you," to which Saweetie asked again, "That's all I got? Because I'm the Icy Girl. I'm Mrs. McDonald, I had a Mac campaign. I done broke some records." She stressed that she didn't like being referred to as Quavo's ex.

Despite that, Shannon continued to grill the Bay Area native about her past relationship with the member of Migos. When asked if she would get back with Quavo, Saweetie said, "I don't really spin the block, I don't have a record of doing that."

Not stopping there, Shannon made Saweetie talk about the Bentley that Quavo had repossessed after they split. "I didn't wanna get rid of the gift … Now you know what happened. Needless to say, I bought myself the big Cullinan Rolls-Royce, so it don't even matter," Saweetie replied.

Upon watching the episode, fans quickly took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to slam Shannon over the belittling label and how he was more focused on her dating life than talking about her achievements. "Saweetie should've told Shannon Sharpe that she's the rap queen of brand endorsements as she's one of the top female rappers who've gotten major brand deals in the past 5 years. And that's all without Quavo," one person pointed out.

"saweetie please never go to that unc and ocho live interview again..," another fan tweeted. "they really tried setting you up about 5 times that entire interview which thankfully you ducked every shady question. trust they will be dealt with."

Echoing the sentiment, someone else added, "Saweetie really wanted to have a convo and impress them about sports and Unc wanted to talk about her dating life. C'mon Unc #NightCap."

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