'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Embraces Monogamy, Wife Robyn Finds It 'Disrespectful'

In a new episode of 'Sister Wives: One on One', Kody and Robyn, his only remaining wife, talk about moving forward with a monogamy marriage following his failed marriages to Jenelle, Meri and Christine Brown.

AceShowbiz - "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown appeared to have fully committed to monogamy after his plural marriages failed. In the Sunday, December 17 episode of "Sister Wives: One on One", Kody has decided to move forward with his remaining wife, Robyn Brown.

The episode kicked off with host Sukanya Krishnan asking Kody's ex-wife Janelle Brown about the possibility of Kody taking on another sister. Janelle replied, "He's now talking more and more about, 'As we move forward into monogamy.' So, I think that's where he's headed. I do not foresee it. If I did, I'll bet you $1,000 right now and you come find me. If he does, I will give you $1,000."

Janelle noted that Kody and Robyn seemed to be happy together. "They have found something together at this stage of their life that seems to be very deep and I think it works. And that's OK," she went on saying.

To the same question, Kody insisted that he "wouldn't be interested" in Robyn recruiting another sister wife. He explained, "I would have to tell that woman I will never love you as much as I love her. Now I know better."

As for Robyn, she wasn't sure if monogamy was the right thing to do, especially after Kody's split from his other wives. "It's weird. To be loving and respectful to Kody, I want to say yes but I just don't know how this works exactly," she shared. "It's weird."

Robyn added that it also "feels disrespectful to be happy" with Kody because Janelle, Meri Brown and Christine Brown hadn't given her their blessing off-camera even though they had shown approval of the relationship on-camera. "I need an off-camera, to my face [conversation] because I don't know how it feels like it's disrespectful to his kids," she explained while in tears.

"It feels disrespectful to the commitments that I made," she continued. "My commitment to them, to their kids, to Kody about this family is not broken. And I don't know how to break it. I don't know how to be done with it."

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