Florida Mayor Shows Support to Gisele Bundchen After Traffic Stop, Slams Cop for Ignorant Response

Mayor Charles Burkett argues in a letter that the officer's response to the model's complain about being chased by a paparazzo 'is wholly unacceptable and not reflective of the values, judgment and service residents expect from their police.'

AceShowbiz - Gisele Bundchen's recent run-in with police has caught wind of the mayor of Surfside, Florida. Voicing support to the supermodel following her traffic stop, Charles Burkett slammed an officer for failing to show empathy to her.

"I was dismayed yesterday to watch a video interaction of one of our residents speaking to one of our police officers," Charles said in a letter addressed to Interim Chief Henry Doce. "As one watches the video, it becomes clear very early in same that the resident is upset and frightened."

"The frightened resident tells the Surfside officer that she believes a stalker is following her and that she is afraid," he added. "This response is wholly unacceptable and not reflective of the values, judgment and service residents expect from their police."

Charles emphasized that "our police department's paramount job is to keep our residents safe!" He went on to note, "The dismissive posture towards a resident who is clearly in distress is everything we do not want to see in the way our police interact and serve our residents."

Gisele was driving a Mercedes G-Wagon when she was stopped by a Surfside PD officer on Wednesday, April 24. She was pulled over due to a traffic violation.

In bodycam footage obtained by Fox News Digital, the Brazillian beauty revealed to the officer she was driving erratically to avoid paparazzi. "I was just trying to stay [away] from that guy," the 43-year-old told the officer, referring to a paparazzo who had been chasing her. "He's like, stalking me."

Bursting into tears, Gisele lamented, "I'm so tired" She continued, "Everywhere I go I have these f**king guys after me. Nothing protects me. I can't do nothing. I just want to live my life."

"I can't prevent them from doing their job, which is to take pictures," the officer replied as she sobbed. In response, the mom of two said, "I don't know how that's allowed."

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