6ix9ine Bails Girlfriend Out of Jail Despite Arrest for Physical Altercation With Rapper

The 'GOOBA' rapper reveals via Instagram Stories that he helped Yailin La Mas Viral get out of jail by paying her bond despite their physical altercation that led to her arrest.

AceShowbiz - Tekashi 6ix9ine clearly still cares for his girlfriend despite her recent violent outburst. The rapper has bailed Yailin La Mas Viral out of jail after she was arrested for felony charge stemming from their domestic dispute.

On Friday, December 15, the New York City native shared via his Instagram Stories that he helped Yailin get out of jail by paying her $9,000 bond. "Yai is home because I went to take her out," he wrote online before asking a member of her team where their attorneys were.

Earlier Friday, Yailin released a series of Instagram Stories, proclaiming that she is the victim. She wrote in Spanish, "What an injustice truly … Everything you see is not how it appears to be."

Yailin was arrested on Thursday after she and 6ix9ine got into a physical altercation at his home in Florida. The "GOOBA" rapper even shared footage of his girlfriend hitting him multiple times. In a 20-minute live, the 28-year-old first explained that he wanted to keep his relationship issue with Yailin private. However, Dominican radio host Prince Matias didn't give him a choice as Prince told his followers to sign up to his Whatsapp channel to see photos of Yailin with bruises.

"They're using Yailin as a prop for entertainment, for gossip... But she needs help, she doesn't need publicity or to be thrown into a scandal," 6ix9ine declared. "Yailin was loved, she was cared for. I'm on probation, I would never lay my hands on a woman. I'm not here to create gossip, I'm here to clear my name and ask that this matter be dealt with responsibly."

In the clip, Yailin can be heard lashing out at 6ix9ine in Spanish for allegedly looking at another woman's behind. The "KEKE" spitter wrote over the video in Spanish, "Yailin needs a lot of help. I love her with my whole heart. But I can’t always be made out to be the bad guy."

He then shared another video which saw Yailin seemingly kicking his vehicle during a rainstorm. She then smacked his phone with a long, white object and also hit him with it multiple times before he restrained her. "This woman needs a lot of love," he captioned the clip.

Police reportedly arrived shortly after the altercation and 6ix9ine told officers what allegedly happened. Per a police report obtained by TMZ, Yailin, whose real name is Jeorjina Guillermo-Diaz, admitted to striking her boyfriend's Bentley "to cause him financial hardship" because she was upset that he had allegedly taken money and her passport from her.

6ix9ine showed the officers the cellphone footage as proof and they arrested Yailin for aggravated battery, witness tampering and felony criminal mischief. Her mug shot later surfaced online, showing her with an apparent bruised eye.

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