Drake Trolled for Forgetting Lyrics During Atlanta Show

The Canadian rap star finds himself being ridiculed online for forgetting his lyrics, with one person writing on X, 'Baby the ladies on tik tok saying drake couldn't remember the words to half his songs in Atlanta.'

AceShowbiz - Performing live numerous times doesn't guarantee Drake remembers all the lyrics of his songs. In fact, the Canadian rap star forgot his line during his "It's All a Blur" stop in Atlanta, prompting social media users to poke fun at him.

One day after the 36-year-old took the stage of State Farm Arena, one person wrote on X, formerly Twitter, "Baby the ladies on tik tok saying drake couldn't remember the words to half his songs in Atlanta." The individual added, "He tried to give them an encore and she said the crowd groaned."

A different user, who claimed to be one of the attendees, confirmed that the rumors were true. "He did I was there he said he'd brb and we all left," the user replied.

Another person then chimed in, revealing that they had a similar experience during Drake's tour stop in Dallas. "Omg finally. In Dallas he kept stopping for like 10 min monologues. My whole section was muttering. I was really disappointed," read the tweet.

Earlier this month, Drake faced criticism over "American slaves" lyric on his collaborative song with SZA titled "Slime You Out". In a verse, he raps, "You b***hes really get carried away/ Makin' mistakes, then you beg me to stay/ Got me wiggin' on you like I'm Arrogant Tae/ You got my mind in a terrible place."

"Whipped and chained you like American slaves," he spits. "Act like you not used to Sheraton stays/ I met the n***a you thought could replace/ How were there even comparisons made?/ B***h, next time, I swear on my grandmother grave/ I'm slimin' you for them kid choices you made."

Drake has since been dragged online, with one person arguing, "Drake criticism tends to get overblown and silly on here at times but man that 'slave' line really is gross lmao… I think it's the 'American' clarification that really does it." Some people, however, came to the rap star's defense.

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