Top 10 Luke Combs Best Songs: Your Ultimate Playlist
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Discover the top 10 Luke Combs best songs that should be in your ultimate playlist. Read now for a well-researched and engaging article on Luke Combs' greatest hits.

When it comes to modern country music, Luke Combs stands as a towering figure, brimming with emotional resonance and lyrical depth. With his rich baritone voice and authentic storytelling, he's garnered a massive following of dedicated fans. In this article, we delve into the top 10 Luke Combs best songs that deserve a spot in your ultimate playlist. Each song reflects his unique blend of honesty, soulfulness, and impeccable musicianship. So, let's explore these musical gems!

1. "Hurricane"

As Luke Combs' debut single, "Hurricane" roared onto the scene, marking the arrival of a superstar. This track combines a poignant storyline with a powerful melody, illustrating the tumultuous feelings of a past relationship. Its success was instantaneous, reaching number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

2. "When It Rains It Pours"

Known for its witty lyrics and catchy tune, "When It Rains It Pours" showcases Combs' knack for storytelling. The song takes listeners through a humorous narrative of bad luck turning into surprisingly good fortune. It's a clever, uplifting anthem that resonates with many.

3. "Beautiful Crazy"

This heartfelt ballad reveals Luke Combs' softer side. "Beautiful Crazy" is a touching ode to love, capturing the irresistible quirks and charms of a beloved partner. Its authenticity struck a chord with fans, earning the song multi-platinum status and widespread acclaim.

4. "She Got the Best of Me"

Reflecting on lost love, "She Got the Best of Me" delves into the pain of letting go and the remnants of a first love. The song's raw, emotional depth made it a favorite among fans and solidified Combs' reputation as a poignant songwriter.

5. "Beer Never Broke My Heart"

An anthemic crowd-pleaser, "Beer Never Broke My Heart" is a rollicking tribute to life's simpler pleasures. With its infectious energy and relatable themes, it's no wonder this song quickly became a staple at Combs' live shows and a fan-favorite.

6. "One Number Away"

"One Number Away" explores the tension and yearning of a love that still lingers, just a phone call away from reconciliation. The song's emotional resonance and poignant lyrics firmly place it among the best of Luke Combs' discography.

7. "Lovin' on You"

Celebrating the bliss of a loving relationship, "Lovin' on You" is a joyous, feel-good track that radiates happiness and devotion. This upbeat song is a testament to Combs' ability to craft music that uplifts and connects with listeners.

8. "Even Though I'm Leaving"

A touching narrative about a father-son relationship, "Even Though I'm Leaving" delves into themes of love, loss, and reassurance. The song's emotional depth and tender storytelling have made it an integral part of Combs' repertoire.

9. "Does to Me" (featuring Eric Church)

This collaboration with fellow country star Eric Church resulted in a harmonious blend of voices and a powerful reflection on life's small, meaningful moments. "Does to Me" highlights the significance of personal milestones and everyday triumphs.

10. "Better Together"

Closing our list is "Better Together," a melodic tribute to the enduring bond between partners. This song's gentle, acoustic arrangement and heartfelt lyrics make it a fitting conclusion to our ultimate playlist of Luke Combs' best songs.


Luke Combs' music strikes a deep chord with listeners, offering a mix of raw emotion, heartfelt storytelling, and memorable melodies. From the energetic anthems to the tender ballads, these top 10 Luke Combs best songs represent the essence of his artistry. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to his music, this ultimate playlist is sure to captivate and resonate.

Explore the works of this talented country artist and let his songs become the soundtrack to your own stories, emotions, and experiences. Happy listening!

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