Caitlyn Jenner Denies Dissing Kim Kardashian With 'Calculated' Remark
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The former Olimpian athlete reportedly reaches out to the 'Kardashians' star to explain himself about the apparent dig in the trailer for Sky's docuseries 'House of Kardashian'.

AceShowbiz - Caitlyn Jenner's comments on Kim Kardashian in the trailer for "House of Kardashian" aren't meant to be a diss. According to TMZ, the former Olimpian athlete reached out to Kim to explain himself about the apparent dig.

A source told the news outlet that Caitlyn admitted that her use of the word "calculated" wasn't the best choice. While it appeared like a dig at the SKIMS founder, Caitlyn made sure that Kim knows that she didn't mean it as a diss.

Caitlyn allegedly explained to "The Kardashians" star that her words were edited to come off more controversial than they actually were. The source added that the former husband of Kim's mom Kris Jenner is proud of Kim and the trailer isn't reflective of her actual intentions when discussing her ex-wife and her children.

In the said trailer, which was unveiled on September 13, Caitlyn weighed in on the KKW Beauty founder. "Kimberly calculated from the beginning, 'How do I become famous?' " she said. Kris' longtime family friend Joe Francis then shared, "The sex tape was a means to an end. It was to create a controversy."

An unnamed female voice later notes that "Kris wanted to be more than just a housewife." Meanwhile, another voiceover thinks that when it comes to the family, most people fall into two camps, wanting to talk about the globally-famous family or thinking "They ruined the world!"

The logline for the explosive docuseries reads, "No other family defines our time or divides opinion like the Kardashians." It continues, "To some they are admired as a dynasty of powerful women, inspiring girls across the planet. To others they are untalented and morally bankrupt reality stars, who are damaging women by selling their life as a superficial fairytale."

Of her involvement on the show, Caitlyn previously shared, "I was happy to participate in the interview process to share my side which points to the strength, influence, and prowess my family has in captivating the world's attention and keeping it over the years. I am incredibly proud of all my children and stepchildren."

"House of Kardashian" is set to air on October 8 on Sky Documentaries and streaming service Now.

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