Sharon Stone Calls Out 'Good Morning Britain' Host Over 'Set Up Question' in Awkward Interview

The 'Basic Instinct' actress takes a stand on 'GMB' as she shuts down an unwelcome question, turning the conversation towards empowerment and transformation within Hollywood.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Stone, the acclaimed actress and now painter, recently made headlines during an interview on "Good Morning Britain" (GMB) that took a turn from the expected. The Hollywood icon, known for her roles in films like "Basic Instinct," found herself in an uncomfortable position when co-host Ed Balls attempted to delve into contentious details from her past.

Specifically, Balls questioned Stone about an assertion that a film producer once recommended she sleep with co-star William Baldwin to enhance their on-screen chemistry during the 1993 movie "Sliver."

Stone's response was firm and poised, refusing to entertain what she perceived as a "set-up question." With a swift retort, she requested a new question, emphasizing her unwillingness to validate the statement made by Balls.

"First of all, you're setting me up with the 'did you beat your wife yet' comment so first of all, I'm not going to validate the statement that you just made as if it is true. So we're not going to do that to start with. So I'd like to restart with a new question somewhere else," Stone replied.

This exchange quickly garnered attention, sparking discussions on social media and among "GMB" viewers who praised Stone for her resilience and ability to address the situation with grace.

The conversation attempted to pivot towards the broader changes in Hollywood, particularly in light of the Me Too movement and the conviction of Harvey Weinstein, marking a potentially different landscape from when Stone began her career.

Despite this, Stone highlighted the complex nature of being treated within the industry, noting that challenges exist across various levels, from her early days as a waitress to her experiences on set. Her insights shed light on the persisting need for structural changes across society, not just within the perceived confines of Hollywood.

Interestingly, in further conversations, Stone revealed her dramatic shift from acting to painting, a change spurred by a life-threatening brain hemorrhage she suffered in 2001.

This pivot to art represents not just a personal recovery and transformation for Stone but also her method of navigating the profound shifts in her professional and personal identity post-recovery. She candidly shared the sense of loss and adaptation to a world that seemed to have moved on during her seven-year hiatus from Hollywood.

Moreover, Stone's outspoken nature and decision to detail her experiences, including the alleged propositions by producer Robert Evans, underscore the ongoing dialogues surrounding power dynamics and inappropriate behavior in the entertainment industry. Her willingness to share these experiences, coupled with her resolve in the face of personal adversity, offers a compelling narrative of resilience. .

Sharon Stone's moment on "GMB", therefore, transcends mere celebrity news, reflecting broader themes of empowerment, change within the entertainment industry, and the journey towards personal reinvention. Her articulate shutdown of an unwarranted question serves as a reminder of the dignity and respect owed to individuals regardless of their status or past, highlighting the ongoing need for discourse and development in Hollywood and beyond.

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