Brian Austin Green Blames His Vertigo for Being Unable to See Oldest Son for Years

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' actor cites health issues for co-parenting struggle and accuses his ex Vanessa Marcil of making no effort to ensure he spent time with his oldest son.

AceShowbiz - Brian Austin Green has slammed Vanessa Marcil for suggesting he "abandoned" their son. The 50-year-old actor and his current partner Sharna Burgess have put the "General Hospital" actress on blast for not doing more to facilitate his relationship with their boy Kassius, now 21, when his long-running health issues with vertigo made it difficult for him, and expressed frustration that Vanessa instead "painted" a "damaging" negative picture of the situation.

"Those years that he wasn't able to go see Kassius, Vanessa made no effort to make sure Brian got time with him. Instead, she painted him as an absent father who chose not to be around for him. And I'm sure that information was fed to Kass, and I can't imagine how damaging that was for him," Sharna - who has 15-month-old son Zane with Brian - said on their "Old-ish" podcast.

The "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor added, "To find out after the fact that at the point when I started getting better, that she then was painting it that I had abandoned Kass during that time, when the reality was I was dealing with such brain fog in what I was going through."

"It would've meant so much if Vanessa had decided 'Hey, I'm going to make sure while you're going through this that your son can still get to your house and see you.' That would've just made an incredible difference in the situation. But that's not what went down, that's not how it happened."

Back in June, Vanessa, 54, insisted she and Brian had "never" co-parented their son. Asked about their relationship in an Instagram Story Q+A, she said, "We didn't + don't co-parent. I raised my son alone."

In response, Brian - who has Noah, 10, Bohdi, nine, and seven-year-old Journey with ex-wife Megan Fox - blasted the "continued lies" being spread by his former partner, who he dated from 1999 to 2003.

He shared a screenshot of Vanessa's post and wrote on his Instagram Story, "So, I can't tell you how frustrating it is to read continued lies from a 50+ year old woman on social media like she is still in high school."

"She has never in her life been someone to walk the walk. Talk is cheap. Megan and I bust our a**** to give Kass a well rounded childhood since his mom was rarely there. I'm assuming that's why she posts so much of him now. When will she just GO AWAY."

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