'Teen Mom' Alum Jenelle Evans Files Restraining Order Against Mom After Son Jace Went Missing

The MTV alum reportedly files a restraining order against her mom Barbara, who previously had custody of her oldest son Jace, accusing her mom of causing her 'emotional distress.'

AceShowbiz - "Teen Mom" alum Jenelle Evans's feud with her mom Barbara has turned legal. On Tuesday, September 5, it was reported that the MTV alum filed a restraining order against her mom, who previously had custody of her oldest son Jace, accusing her mom of causing her "emotional distress."

According to The Ashleys Reality Roundup, Jenelle filed for a protective order against her mom on Friday. Court documents obtained by the outlet suggested that the TV star initially tried to file for a domestic violence protective order against her mother. It was said that Jenelle requested that the restraining order be done ex parte, which would require the court to take emergency action.

It also meant that the court had to grant it immediately and give Jenelle a court date within 10 days. Should the request be granted, the order would stay in effect for a year.

The judge, however, rejected the request, prompting Jenelle to file a civil restraining order. She accused Barbara of causing Jenelle and her kids "emotional distress" with her comments to TMZ last month about them.

Barbara is due to go to court next week. Jenelle would be asked to offer proof to the judge that Barb's actions did, in fact, do what she claims they did.

In the said interview with TMZ, Barbara claimed that Jenelle stopped her son's ADHD medication which he had been taking for seven years. Barbara also said that Jace, who spent the majority of his life living with her before Jenelle got custody of the teenage boy in March, stopped seeing his behavior specialist.

Jenelle, however, debunked the claims. She told the news outlet, "Barbara has not been in contact with Jace since Monday. I have cut off contact with her as of three weeks ago. Barbara doesn't have any idea what is going on inside my home. Jace had a therapist appointment today on Zoom at 10.30 A.M. She hasn't even attempted to speak to Jace directly."

Jenelle's son Jace ran away from home twice within months he started living with her. "A lot of my son's actions is being pinned against me," the 31-year-old explained on TikTok on Wednesday, August 30. "And I'm getting a lot of hate, a lot of comments, and it just keeps going and going."

"My son has been having a hard time for the past two, three years," she continued. "None of this has gone public because we're trying to keep his privacy. Me and my mom, when she gave me custody, she's like, 'Oh we're just getting along, I'm just gonna give Jenelle back,' well, there was a big reason behind why I got him back."

She additionally made it clear that her son is fine. She stressed, "He's healthy and he's safe... Due to my son's mental health, none of this is going to be shared and I don't really want to go into detail with anything. So if you can kindly give us the privacy, give my son the privacy, right now, I'd appreciate it."

In the video, Jenelle went on to share a message to fellow parents. "I will say one thing, monitor your kids' phones," she divulged. "Because you know, I monitor my kid's phone, and sometimes they get in trouble, sometimes they need it taken away for consequences to their actions. But sometimes they don't take that too lightly."

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