Jenelle Evans Shares Video of Scary Break-in Attempt in Her House

The 'Teen Mom' star is left shaken after catching red-handed a male stranger trying to force his way into her house while she and her son Jace were at home.

AceShowbiz - "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans has released disturbing footage from the attempted break-in at her home last week. On Saturday night, around 30 minutes after going to bed, Evans received a Ring doorbell notification.

She slept through it but was startled awake by her dogs' barking. As she entered the laundry room, she saw a stranger yanking at her backdoor. "He was yanking as hard as he could," Evans recounted. "I ended up calling 911. It's the most terrifying conversation I've ever had with 911 in my life."

Evans disclosed that the man broke the sliding glass door lock, but a stick held the door shut. He eventually left after being caught on the Ring camera. In the footage, he can be heard saying, "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to be here."

@jenellelevans Part 1: My house was broken into last Saturday 02/24/2024 and this is my story 😭 #StoryTime#Intruder#BreakingandEntering♬ original sound - Jenelle Evans

Following the incident, Evans has been experiencing PTSD symptoms, including feeling uneasy after dark and waking up in the middle of the night to check her surroundings.

In a second video, Evans shared the Ring footage, which shows a man wearing an orange jacket attempting to tamper with a metal object. The video lines up with Evans' description of events.

@jenellelevans PART 2 - #StoryTime of my break-in from last week with Ring Camera Footage included 😞 #PTSD♬ original sound - Jenelle Evans

Police are investigating the incident and attempting to identify the intruder. Evans has requested assistance from the public in identifying the individual. She emphasized that she had a gun but chose not to use it to avoid further trauma for her 14-year-old son, Jace. Evans stated that Jace witnessed the entire event.

The attempted break-in comes amid reports that Evans' husband, David Eason, is planning to file for divorce after both he and their 16-year-old daughter, Maryssa, were reportedly asked to leave their home.

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