New 'The Batman 2' Rumor Reveals Surprising Take on Robin
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Following report that the sequel to Matt Reeves' 2022 superhero movie will introduce a new version of Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin, it's claimed that Batman's sidekick will be featured as a teen.

AceShowbiz - Robert Pattinson's Batman may meet his sidekick earlier in the upcoming movie. A new report has unveiled "The Batman 2" possibly surprising take on Robin a.k.a. Dick Grayson after it was reported that the sequel will introduce a new version of the character.

In response to a fan's inquiry about more tidbits from the sequel, MyTimeToShineHello recently tweeted, "I know Robin is in it (Dick Grayson)." Robin's supposed involvement was somewhat surprising since Pattinson's Bruce Wayne wasn't supposed to have been operating as Batman for very long in the first film.

While some fans might expect a time jump, the same account later followed it up with another tweet that claimed that the new Robin will be featured as a teen. "Sources confirmed that Dick Grayson will be around 13 years old in The Batman Part II," so the new post read.

Previously, the same account revealed that "The Batman" sequel will kick off production in March 2024. The follow-up to Matt Reeves' 2022 superhero pic was originally scheduled to begin filming this November, but it has been hit with a significant delay due to the ongoing WGA strike.

It was also reported that the upcoming movie may mark the live-action big-screen debut of Clayface, one of the classic Bat-baddies. A prominent enemy of Batman, Clayface possesses clay-like bodies and shapeshifting abilities.

The character has appeared on adult animated black comedy superhero series "Harley Quinn", voiced by Alan Tudyk, and in the DC Animated Universe (DCAU), voiced by Ron Perlman. Live-action versions of the character also appeared on the television series "Gotham", portrayed by Brian McManamon, and "Pennyworth", portrayed by Lorraine Burroughs.

In April 2022, Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group Boss Toby Emmerich confirmed at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that the sequel has been greenlit, with Pattinson, writer/director Reeves "and the whole team" returning. The first film also stars Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis and Paul Dano. No release date is set just yet for the sequel.

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