Bethenny Frankel Accused by Lala Kent of 'Completely' Exploiting Raquel Leviss

The 'Real Housewives' alum is slammed by the 'Vanderpump Rules' member for taking advantage of the embattled reality TV star following Tom Sandoval scandal.

AceShowbiz - Lala Kent has alleged Bethenny Frankel exploited Raquel Leviss. The 28-year-old star recently dropped by Bethenny's podcast - where she discussed the fallout from her months-long affair with Tom Sandoval - and Lala has now claimed that Bethenny "completely exploited" the "Vanderpump Rules" star.

"It was a hit. A lot of people listened. I'm happy that she finally got to take advantage of a giant platform to tell her story. I only saw clips. And what I gathered from it is, Bethenny completely exploited that girl yet again," Lala, 32, said on the "Give Them Lala" podcast.

Lala also claimed that Bethenny is out of touch with "reality" and "reality TV." She said, "I felt like Bethenny really tried to like push her into a certain direction. And Rachel being someone who … is very easy to manipulate. You put words out there and she's like 'yeah that's how I feel' [but] it's like, you don't."

Earlier this month, Raquel claimed that the cheating scandal has breathed new life into "Vanderpump Rules". The reality star suggested that the controversy could've actually saved the long-running reality series.

During an interview on the "Just B With Bethenny Frankel" podcast, Raquel said, "The show was going to be cancelled after season ten, and if it wasn't for Scandoval, there wouldn't be another season."

Prior to that, Alex Baskin, the executive producer of "Vanderpump Rules", described the timing of the cheating scandal as "perfect." He told Deadline, "The story of 'Vanderpump' is one of survival more than anything."

"We were coming off a really tough ninth season and we had the cast firings before the season and there was a low energy season during the pandemic. To the network's credit, they gave us another run at it and we had a resurgence anyway."

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