Tyrese Gibson 'Deeply Annoyed' by People Accusing Him of Playing Victim Amid Home Depot Lawsuit
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The Roman Pearce depicter in the 'Fast and Furious' film series gets things off his chest on Instagram Stories after he was accused of playing victim amid his legal battle against the home improvement company.

AceShowbiz - Tyrese Gibson has got things off his chest. Having been accused of playing victim amid a Home Depot lawsuit, the "Fast X" star took to social media to shut down the chatters.

"Deeply annoyed by people who create negative and toxic environments and yet run and play victim.... Not only do they play victim but they play the innocent victim," the 44-year-old wrote on Instagram Story on Saturday, August 12. "Here's my memo to the world my life started off on unBEARable level that I have been very vocal about but one things for sure I don't PLAY VICTIM and when things are 100% my fault?"

"I will not only attempt to clarify my intention but I will apologize over and over and over…. not expecting you to agree but I am NOT above an apology and I don't play victim," the singer and actor continued arguing. "And if you disagree? F**k you this crip lol."

In a follow-up post, Tyrese divulged, "Just a got a random call about some goofy s**t and I swear I'm deeply annoyed… If these annoying AF people were even worth it i would call out their names… Jeez." He then fumed, "Say what you say… I'm here for a reason!"

"I don't do fake humble I'm a KING and I intimidate most from just my sheer presence alone," the musician added. "I've never claimed to be the biggest star and I for sure don't have the MOST MONEY what tickles your demons around me if the FAVOR AND GLOW OVER MY LIFE!!!"

On August 9, Tyrese filed a lawsuit against Home Depot Depot following an alleged racial profiling incident at a Los Angeles-area store earlier this year. In the complaint, he sues the home improvement company for civil rights violations.

The suit also alleges negligent hiring, supervision and retention. Tyrese and two other plaintiffs, Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez, seek more than $1 million in compensatory damages, to reflect the amount Tyrese says he's spent at Home Depot locations over his lifetime, in addition to punitive damages.

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