Saweetie Says She'll Release Her 'Barbie' Song After 'Barbie World' Controversy
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The 'Best Friend' raptress reveals she'll still release her Aqua's hit 'Barbie Girl'-sampled song which previously sparked chatter because Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice also sampled the song for 'Barbie' official soundtrack.

AceShowbiz - Saweetie is unfazed by the "Barbie World" controversy. The rapper revealed in a new interview that she will still release her song sampling Aqua's hit "Barbie Girl" which previously sparked chatter because Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice also had an Aqua-sampled single, "Barbie World" for official "Barbie" soundtrack.

During her sit-down with Power 106 Los Angeles' Justin Credible, Saweetie shared that she had no hard feelings when "Barbie World" was released. "It's inspiration," the "Best Friend" femcee said. "Like, I love to inspire, that's my purpose here, and they look bomb as f**k in the video. So it's just like 'Okay, b***h, I see you!' "

Saweetie added that her single "Icy Girl, Icy World" is still scheduled to see the light of day. "Mine is still coming out though, stay tuned," the 30-year-old artist teased. "I'm saving it for a very special moment."

Saweetie faced backlash when she previewed a clip of an unreleased song sampling Aqua's fan-favorite "Barbie Girl" amid reports that Nicki and her "Princess Diana" collaborator also sampled the song for the official "Barbie" soundtrack. Later, Compton rapper Jason Martin a.k.a. Problem claimed that he was a writer on a track that originally belonged to Saweetie.

Martin said that he created the song with Saweetie and it was sent over to Nicki for a collaboration that she agreed to do. However, Nicki stole the record and repurposed it for her collaboration with Ice Spice.

"Y'all gon' give me what I deserve," Martin said on Instagram Live. "Now, if Saweetie don't wanna trip, that's on her … But we crafted a record that was sent over to Nicki to hop on to submit to the Barbie soundtrack."

He continued, "She said she was gonna do it … Then all of a sudden, a new version was created. Yes, it's a sample, you can do what you want. But n***a, you can't hear one thing, say you're gonna do this, then go do your version. It ain't happening like that. Anybody that's in this business knows that that's not how this works."

Elsewhere in the interview, Saweetie talked about her long-awaited debut album, which she revealed is currently undergoing an evolution. "[The name of the album] was 'Pretty B***h Music' but I realized, Pretty B***h Music is my movement," the Icy Girl explained. "It's like a category of my brand. Like there's Pretty B***h Music, there's 'Icy', there's 'Icy University', etc. So I'm changing the name of my album."

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