Gina Rodriguez Voices Support for Mother's Other Day
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The former 'Jane the Virgin' actress stresses the need for companies to give moms the day after Mother's Day off because they need a chance to truly enjoy a day to themselves.

AceShowbiz - Gina Rodriguez has urged businesses to embrace Mother's Other Day. The 38-year-old actress, who gave birth to her son Charlie in March, has encouraged companies to throw their support behind the movement, which calls on employers to give moms the day after Mother's Day off.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Gina explained, "Mother's Other Day is an empowering, lovely challenge to other companies to also celebrate and uplift mothers, parents, whoever is caring for children on that day, to give yourself an hour for some self-care, some self-love, some gratitude moment, for a decompression."

The actress believes that Mother's Other Day will give moms a chance to truly enjoy a day to themselves. The "Jane the Virgin" star said, "Mother's Other Day is the day after Mother's Day because of this idea that on Mother's Day, we're always celebrating other mothers when you're a mom. It's either your mom, your grandmother, your sisters, your in-laws, whatever it might be, and how much time do you really take to yourself? It is a celebration with your family, but it's not necessarily always a moment in time you get to have to yourself."

Gina, who is married to actor Joe LoCicero, has also become more appreciative of her own mom since having a baby. She shared, "I'm like, 'How did you do it? Oh my God, how did you do this, mom?' We didn't have the privileges that I have today. My mom had three girls. She was working and cooking and cleaning and helping us with schoolwork. I know on Mother's Day, there was never a time for her to get away, to go even sit alone and meditate on her existence."

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