Bam Margera Accuses Johnny Knoxville of Hooking Him With 'Medications' That Made Him 'Zombie'

The skateboarder challenges his former 'Jackass' co-star to a boxing match as a revenge after the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' star allegedly made the troubled stunt performer sign a 'death waiver.'

AceShowbiz - Bam Margera is still holding grudges against Johnny Knoxville. Two years after being kicked out of "Jackass Forever" for breaking his sobriety, the stunt performer has accused his former co-star of hooking him with "18 medications" that allegedly caused him permanent damages.

In a video posted on his Instagram Story on late Monday night, April 3, Bam sent a disturbing invite to Johnny, challenging him to a boxing match in his attempt to get revenge. He initially wanted to send the message to "Jackass" creator Jeff Tremaine, but claimed that Jeff is too much of a "p***y" to fight him.

"So this is not a brand new idea. Knoxville and Tremaine made me sign this f**king basically this death waiver to take 18 medications that made me a zombie," the troubled star said in the video. He claimed that the meds affected his sexual performance and led to weight gain among other things. "I couldn't get my d**k hard, I couldn't f**k my own wife, I couldn't get muscles, bald hair, fat weight gain. F**king motherf**kers," he added.

"Jeff Tremaine is too much of a p***y to get in the ring with me. Knoxville, he said if I double dog dare anything, he'll do it," so he launched the fight invite. "So Knoxville, I double dog dare you to get in the ring with me without any boxing gloves, so I can ring, ring, ring, 1-2-3, let's go, I f**k you up. Let's go, p***y. Oh if you call him a p***y he really gets mad. P***y."

The "death waiver" that Bam said in the video seems to refer to wellness agreement that Johnny, Jeff and Spike Jonze made him sign while he was in rehab back in 2019 to participate in "Jackass Forever". The 43-year-old was eventually not included in the film, which was released last year, and he has previously sued over it.

Bam's message to Johnny comes following his arrest for public intoxication. On March 29, Burbank PD was called at around 3:45 P.M. local time for a disturbance at a Thai restaurant, where Bam's wife Nikki Boyd and their son Phoenix were eating. He was apparently upset because because she's not allowing him to spend time with their son.

The shouting match allegedly continued to escalate even with the cops' presence. Despite the intervention from police, Bam allegedly couldn't get himself under control. He was arrested and booked for misdemeanor public intoxication.

TMZ later reported that Bam was kicked out of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel just hours before his public intoxication arrest. Someone called cops after they heard yelling from his room, fearing domestic violence.

Cops said they spoke to Bam and a woman with whom he was in room. Bam was on the phone with his ex and things got heated. There was no sign of injury and no one was looking to make a report, but Bam and his female friend were asked to leave the hotel, which they did.

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