Bam Margera Seen Screaming at Wife in Front of Son Before Public Intoxication Arrest

The 'Jackass' star launches into a tirade against his estranged wife Nikki in a restaurant as he appears to be upset because she's not allowing him to spend time with their 5-year-old child Phoenix.

AceShowbiz - New details of Bam Margera's recent public meltdown have been unearthed, revealing what transpired leading up to his arrest for public intoxication. In a new video which has surfaced online, the stunt performer is seen screaming at his estranged wife Nikki Boyd, who ate in a restaurant in Burbank with their child.

The video obtained by TMZ shows the skateboarder launching into a tirade against his estranged wife in front of their 5-year-old son Phoenix. He appears to be upset because she's not allowing him to spend time with their son.

Looking agitated, he told Nikki, who remained seated with the little boy, "Phoenix has his own mind. Let him have his own mind." He was stomping on the ground to punctuate his claim. He yelled, "Why are you making me wait f**king five days? F**king f**k!!!" before slamming the door and storming out of the restaurant.

According to eyewitnesses, Bam came in by himself and approached the table where Nikki and Phoenix were sitting. He spoke with her for a little while before losing his cool.

The incident happened on Wednesday, March 29 at a Thai food restaurant. Cops were called around 3:45 P.M. local time and when they arrived, the found Bam in a shouting match with his wife that continued to escalate even with the cops' presence.

Despite the intervention from police, Bam allegedly couldn't get himself under control. He was arrested and booked for misdemeanor public intoxication.

In a video taken by comedian Evan Breen, the 43-year-old looked upset, walking in and out of the restaurant while cops looked on. At one point, he was seen taking a seat on a curb while seemingly having a heated conversation with the responding officers.

In February, Nikki filed for legal separation from Bam. She asked for both legal and physical custody of their son, claiming that the problematic star was not sober during a previous visit with Phoenix.

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