Kelly Clarkson on Releasing New Album After Divorce: I'm 'Nervous on Personal Level'

As she prepares for the release of her first album in six years, 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' host admits, 'It's hard when you think your world is going one way and then you see it changes.'

AceShowbiz - Kelly Clarkson admitted to feeling nervous. As she geared up to release a brand new album around a year after finalizing her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, the "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" hitmaker got candid about what went through her mind about her upcoming comeback.

Coming to the "On-Air With Ryan Seacrest" podcast on Wednesday, March 29, the 40-year-old singer had a chat with host Ryan Seacrest to discuss "Chemistry", her first album in six years. "I'm more nervous on a personal level with everyone in my world, personally," she candidly said about the album's release.

"I'm more nervous about that. My fans are super supportive," the host of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" went on to say. On the reason why, she further explained, "I think I'm just more nervous on a personal note because it's one of those things where I'm going to have to keep talking about it and performing."

In the same interview, the first winner of "American Idol" reflected on the challenging part of getting through her past. "But I think I've gotten through it. ... It's hard when you think your world is going one way and then you see ... it changes. ... I've never experienced anything like that... The hardest part is you recognizing it," she stated.

A few days prior, Kelly broke down details of her upcoming album. "Chemistry can be a really amazing, sexy, cool, fun thing, but it can also be very bad for you. So that's why I named it 'Chemistry', I thought it was the perfect title to describe the entire album," she spilled.

The "Because of You" hitmaker had also unveiled the process of making her "most personal" album in a separate interview. Back in September 2022, she told Variety that it took her "two years" to work on the album. "When my ex and I first separated, there were many emotions. It was hard," she confessed.

"My producer and I were laughing yesterday because I was like, 'Remember that time we wrote, like, 25 songs in a week?' A lot of those are the ones that are on the album. I literally wrote most of these almost two years ago. Then I told my label, 'I can't talk about this until I've gone through it,' and it's just taken some time to do that," the mother of two added.

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