'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Looks Bored During Gwyneth Paltrow's Ski Crash Trial Segment

The new episode of the talk show also sees the EGOT winner slamming the removal of Mississippi broadcaster Barbie Bassett, who received backlash for saying the word 'nizzle.'

AceShowbiz - Whoopi Goldberg made headlines over her attitude in a new episode of "The View". In the Monday, March 27 episode of the morning talk show, the host seemed to be uninterested during a segment related to Gwyneth Paltrow's ski crash trial.

At the time, producers played a clip from the "Iron Man actress' trial appearance. An attorney shaded the star, who has been sued for seriously injuring a fellow skier in an accident, as she sat on the witness stand.

"Small but mighty," the attorney said. The attorney continued, "Actually, you're not that small."

When the camera returned to the co-hosts, Whoopi could be seen looking bored as she rested her head on her hand. Her co-hosts were laughing at the situation, though Alyssa Farah Griffin jokingly claimed that the moment in the courtroom made her "so uncomfortable."

Upon watching the episode, viewers took to social media to comment on Whoopi's reaction. "Oh my goodness Whoopi is bored with this Paltrow comedy!#TheView," one critic wrote on Twitter. Another tweeted, "Whoopi's face [laughing emojis] she is disgusted!!! #TheView."

Someone else said of the EGOT winner, "I love it!!! When she's bored she shows it. I was bored with Paltrow also!#TheView." One other added, "Of course Whoopi isn't interested in the topic! #TheView."

That aside, the episode saw Whoopi slamming the removal of Mississippi broadcaster Barbie Bassett, who received backlash for quoting Snoop Dogg's popular phrase "fo shizzle, my nizzle." "Nizzle" is slang for the N-word.

"There has to be a book of stuff that nobody could ever say, ever, ever, ever. Include everything," she argued. "The things that change, you can say this, but you can't say that, but next week you might not be able to say this, it's hard to keep up. It's hard to keep up. And if you're a person of a certain age, there's stuff we do, and we say. Just because we're on television, doesn't mean we know everything."

Whoopi continued, "We don't know everything you're not supposed to do. And if there is something someone says, if you're not going to give them the opportunity to explain why they said it, at least give them the grace of saying 'you know what, I've just been informed that I should not of done that,' as opposed to 'you're out.' Because saying 'you're out' means that you don't want to hear what people have to say or the mistakes that they might have made that could have helped somebody else not make that mistake."

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