Bebe Rexha Disgusted by 'Used Toilet Paper' Sent by Someone Through a Mail

Taking to Twitter, the 'I'm a Mess' songstress shares a photo that shows what appears to be toilet paper next to a letter she got in the mail, which is shipped from Miami.

AceShowbiz - Bebe Rexha was left disgusted by one of the letters she received recently. The "I'm a Mess" songstress informed her online devotees that she got a mail with "used toilet paper" in it.

On Friday, March 24, the 33-year-old shared on Twitter an image that showed what appeared to be toilet paper next to a letter she got in the mail, which was shipped from Miami. In the caption, she wrote, "Someone mailed me used toilet paper," adding a sick emoji.

Many have since reacted to the picture. One Twitter user jokingly told Bebe to "sniff it," to which she replied, "wtf no way." Someone else, meanwhile, urged her to wash her hands. In response, the musician wrote, "Bro I washed them like 10 times."

Another individual asked Bebe whether she usually receives strange packages in the mail. She answered it by writing, "No this is insane. Like wtf."

That aside, Bebe announced her third studio album earlier this month. When speaking about the project, which will be released on April 28, she told Janine Rubenstein and Jeremy Parsons during PEOPLE's 2023 Grammys red carpet broadcast that it is starting "out like Fleetwood Mac, and then it goes into all my favorite '70s [sounds]."

"I grew up with immigrant parents, so we didn't really listen to '70s music that much," she explained further. "We listened to Albanian music, and then I did a deep dive into the '70s, and I was like, 'Wait, Fleetwood Mac? Diana Ross? What's going on?' "

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