Blac Chyna Urges 6ix9ine to 'Apologize' for Past Behavior After Bloody Gym Beatdown

When giving her two cents on the incident at LA Fitness, the former Rob Kardashian flame says that the gym attack 'doesn't come as a surprise' after his past behavior.

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna has weighed in on 6ix9ine's recent bloody gym beatdown. In a new interview, the reality star said that Tekashi should "apologize" for his past behavior after he was knocked down by some men without warning at LA Fitness in Palm Beach County.

The 34-year-old reality star/model told Daily Mail that it "doesn't come as a surprise" that the rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, was attacked. "It made me really sad because Danny is really a nice guy. He's a really genuinely nice guy," she added.

"I just feel like social media changes people. In person, he is the sweetest person. So I just blame the internet and people bullying him because at the end of the day that's still bullying and I don't condone violence like at all," Blac, born Angela Renee White, added. The former Rob Kardashian flame went on saying, "I just don't wish that on nobody, not even him. If anything I feel like T69 needs to come over here when he's ready and feels it in his heart to sincerely go and apologize to the people that he hurt. It doesn't matter. You have to forgive and forget, you know."

Blac also noted that Tekashi needs to "walk in a different light, because that light is not it" and that he "could have really gotten hurt after being kicked like that." She elaborated, "I think that that will kind of clear up a lot of things...I can tell you from my own self, you don't want to go down that road, you want to go down this road. It only takes one little thing to really end your life. So I just want everybody to just stay safe."

It's unclear what prompted the attack, but Tekashi is not short of enemies. In 2018, he was labeled a "snitch" after testifying for prosecutors against the likes of the Bloods gang and Cardi B.

6ix9ine cut a deal to lessen his own sentence after being charged with an array of crimes and spent just two years behind bars. He had faced a 47-year minimum sentence and maximum of life in prison when he was arrested back in 2018 on charges including racketeering, firearm possession, armed robbery and attempted murder.

6ix9ine was attacked on March 21. Shocking new surveillance footage showed Tekashi's alleged attackers heading straight to the scene of the crime before his beatdown. After the attack took place, the alleged assailants were again caught on camera in separate surveillance footage that saw them leaving the restroom.

6ix9ine's lawyer Lance Lazzaro confirmed to TMZ that his client was in the gym without personal security when he was assaulted without warning. The attorney declared that he plans to ask federal authorities to provide protection after the rapper's testimony helped put his fellow gang members behind bars.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office released a Facebook post about the incident on Wednesday, confirming that Tekashi was "injured" during an altercation between "several individuals." Officials clarified that the "Mala" rapper's wounds were "non-life threatening."

However, Tekashi was reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital to treat injuries to his jaw, ribs and back. Officials are still conducting an active investigation and requested the public's help for more information. It is unclear whether any arrests have been made.

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