Latto Responds to Hate Comments After Revealing LAX Glock Arrest
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After being clowned online for allegedly bragging about the arrest, the 'B***h From da Souf' femcee takes to her Twitter account to react to people throwing shade at her.

AceShowbiz - Latto (Mulatto) clapped back at haters coming at her following her arrest at LAX. After being clowned online, the "B***h From da Souf" femcee took to her Twitter account to react to people throwing shade at her.

Making use of her account, Latto denied bragging about the run-in with the law. "A mf answer a question for my fans & y'all think a b***h tryna flex going to jail lmao what," the raptress wrote on Saturday, March 18.

Last week, Latto responded to a fan who talked about the lyrics of her latest track "Boom, Pt. 2", which is a collaborative song with drill rapper Mello Buckzz. "I got lok'ed up in da airport.. GODAMN forgot da gun," the fan tweeted, to which Latto replied that it was based on "true story."

As fans asked her to provide context for the lines, Latto shared, "Went to LAX with a loaded Glock 17 in my Birken [bag]. Got locked [up] and let out in a few hours." She added, "Booked a $75k jet to my show in Alabama & still made it on time! no cap in my rap TUH."

She quickly landed in hot water after making the tweet. Some Internet users said that the "777" artist shouldn't have been surprised to face such consequences for bringing a weapon to an airport. "It's her saying 'TUH' as if this proves she really a gangsta," one user tweeted. "Whole time this Donna Karan is licensed to carry."

While some trolls kept coming at Latto about the LAX incident, others showed support for the rap star. "You know you've made it when you can't sneeze without offending someone," one person wrote. "Literally they always in your business," another pointed out.

The LAX arrest wasn't the only thing that got people talking about Latto recently. She was reportedly feuding with Doechii backstage at the 2023 Billboard Women in Music which took place at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, California on March 1.

After receiving the Rising Star award at the ceremony, Doechii name-dropped Nicki Minaj in her speech as she gave a shout-out to the people who won the award before her. When Doechii named Nicki, the camera panned to Latto, who was infamously beefing with the "Super Freaky Girl" hitmaker, who looked unamused.

Later when Latto took the stage to accept the Powerhouse award, she appeared to make fun of Doechii's speech by mentioning other people who won the award before her as well. "Megan Thee Stallion won this award, Doja Cat won this award," she said. "It's crazy because my peers, I'm fans of my peers, and they're my peers. [The] Powerhouse award is not just for my team too. Teamwork makes the dream work."

It was reported that Doechii "checked" Latto backstage for mocking her, and that led to an intense argument between the two. The "Yucky Blucky Fruitcake" femcee allegedly was about to "crack" the "Big Energy" hitmaker before security intervened. Billboard allegedly asked Latto and her team to escort themselves from the premises after her performance, which explained why she cannot be seen throughout the rest of the show.

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