Joycelyn Savage's Dad Denies Reports Her Daughter's Pregnant With R. Kelly's Baby
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Contrary to her daughter's claims in her recent tell-all memoir 'Love and Joy of Robert', Timothy Savage says that Jocelyn is not pregnant as he expresses concern about his daughter.

AceShowbiz - Joycelyn Savage's father has spoken up on recent reports that his daughter has given birth to a child with R. Kelly. Debunking the rumors, Timothy Savage said that his daughter isn't even pregnant with the incarcerated star's child.

"My daughter Joycelyn is not pregnant," Timothy said in a video. "This is 100% inaccurate. I'm investigating this to the fullest." He stressed, "If I had a granddaughter, I would be the first to say, 'I love this child,' no matter what the situation is."

Calling out people who spread the story, he claimed, "These people are evil, cruel people to take a horrible situation and try to make some type of profit out of it by going in the media saying my daughter is pregnant."

"None of this is true," Timothy insisted. He also questioned the validity of a Patreon account and a memoir that spread the story of Joycelyn's alleged pregnancy, saying, "These people are scammers and deserve to be put in jail where they belong."

Sharing his concern about Joycelyn's well-being, Timothy continued, "My concern is to make sure she is okay, healthy and fine. At this point in time I don't even know if my daughter is alive or not, due to the circumstances that she's going through." He added that he needs proof that his daughter is living, "because I don't think she's living at this time."

Timothy believes that his daughter "is being harmed" by people who are trying to "cover up" the truth. He said that he's asked the authorities to investigate his daughter's whereabouts.

Timothy's statement comes after an Instagram account that's seemingly run by Joycelyn shared photos of a newborn baby girl earlier this month. The post revealed that the baby was born on December 8 and she's named Ava Lee Kelly.

Joycelyn allegedly gushed, "My baby girl Ava when you were born , my whole world shined so bright." She added, "I knew that it was no longer about me anymore it was about us . Though the world is cold , I promise to always protect you . I am so happy to be your mother & you bring me so much joy . 12.08.22."

Joycelyn previously confirmed her pregnancy in her tell-all memoir "Love and Joy of Robert". In it, she wrote that she's currently several months pregnant with R. Kelly's baby and that she learned she was expecting after the incarcerated singer sent her an engagement ring.

"Months later, I began experiencing severe morning sickness and was unsure what was wrong with my body," she recalled. "I thought I had contracted COVID-19, but the most amazing news of all was that I was expecting."

She also admitted that she's disappointed that the musician wouldn't be there to see his child's birth. "Robert is extremely excited about the news that I'm having a baby and feels sad that Robert won't be here with us," she lamented, adding an ultrasound photo and quotes about joy.

R. Kelly's attorney Jennifer Bonjean, however, shut down her claims. "[She] is certainly not pregnant with R. Kelly's child," the lawyer told TMZ, adding that Joycelyn's book is not a tell-all memoir and said, "People are just insane."

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