Boris Becker Reunited With His Mom in Germany After Released From Jail
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The three-time Wimbledon champion, who has been deported to his native Germany and is barred from returning to Britain, previously credited his phone calls with his mother for helping keep him sane while in prison.

AceShowbiz - Boris Becker has reportedly reunited with his mum for the first time since being freed from jail. The three-time Wimbledon champion, 55, was said on Wednesday, December 21, by several news outlets to have visited his 87-year-old mother Elvira with his risk analyst girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro in Leimen, Germany, a day after he opened up in an interview with German TV how being able to call her from prison helped keep him sane.

His mum, who he was said to have immediately hugged when they were reunited, had previously declared about their relationship, "We've always got along well. No matter what happens - he is and will always be my son." Boris was released from prison on December 15 and immediately deported to his native Germany under an early release scheme, and is barred from returning to Britain.

A friend of Elvira's told The Sun she said of the news he was being freed in time for the festive holiday, "The best Christmas present I could hope for - I cannot wait to hold my beloved son in my arms." The friend added, "Elvira is simply overjoyed he is coming home. For her, having Boris out of prison and back home is the best thing imaginable - and for it to happen in time for Christmas will be great for her. She was worried about when she might see him again, so this is all a huge deal for her - especially given her age."

Boris Becker says he faced death threats while in jail and feared showering with other prisoners. He added in his first interview added during his first interview since being freed an inmate called John in HMP Wandsworth told him before he was moved to the lower security HMP Huntercombe "if I didn't do this or that he would kill me" and he was sent "crazy" by his time behind bars.

Sobbing during a 60-minute sit-down broadcast on Tuesday, December 20, shown by the country's broadcaster Sat.1, Boris said, "I thought I would lose my life in Wandsworth. Someone, a murderer I later found out, wanted my coat and he wanted money and he said he would kill me if he didn't get it. Then in Huntercombe another murderer said they wanted to kill me, he told me what he was going to do to me unless I let him do my laundry, this was only very recently, in October and when he told me my food tray was shaking. But in the end the next day he fell to his knees in front of me, apologised and kissed my hand and said he respected me."

Boris' interview aired less than a week after he was freed under an early release scheme after serving only eight months of his two-and-a-half year sentence for hiding £2.5 million in assets to avoid paying his debts. Boris also said nobody gave "a f**k" about his fame when he was in prison.

He added, "You are nobody in prison. You are a number Mine was A2923EV. I was a number. And they don't give a f**k who you are. I think I rediscovered the person I used to be. I've learned a hard lesson. A very expensive one. A very painful one. But the whole thing taught me something important and good. And some things happen for a good reason."

Boris is said to have been paid £435,000 for the interview with German presenter Steven Gatjen, with U.K. broadcasters also reportedly showing interest in buying up the show.

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