Boris Becker Might Marry GF to Avoid Repayments to Creditors Following Jail Release

According to a lawyer representing the three-time Wimbledon winner, the retired athlete will be able to protect his wealth from creditors by marrying his girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - Boris Becker plans to fund his new life in Germany by funnelling earnings from television appearances and a book deal into a company set up by his girlfriend. The three-time Wimbledon champion, 55, released from jail last week, is barred from doing business in Germany until 2031 as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

But the Mail on Sunday, December 18 has reported his girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro - a financial risk analyst in her 40s based in London - has set up a UK-based firm called BFB Enterprises, which is short for her partner's full name Boris Franz Becker.

The Mail added the arrangement will allow grand slam icon Boris "legally to cling on to a fortune - and keep it away from creditors owed millions - after his early release from jail in Britain last week." Rumours have also been swirling twice-divorced Boris is planning to propose to Lilian as he rebuilds his life.

Boris' lawyer Samy Hammad said the former tennis champion would avoid having to make any repayments to creditors by marrying his girlfriend, adding, "Under German law the company assets would not be liable for debts of the married spouse."

Boris is said to have been paid a six-figure sum by a German broadcaster for an interview about his imprisonment, and is understood to have signed a book deal and has been filming an upcoming documentary for Apple TV+ about his years leading up to his imprisonment.

He has also been offered a job at the German Tennis Federation, where he served as director of men's tennis from 2017 to 2020. Boris owns a seven-bedroom villa worth £1.8 million in his home town Leimen and was flown back to his homeland on a £2 million private jet reportedly paid for by German-based TV channel SAT.1 which is said to have agreed to pay £450,000 fee for an exclusive interview.

Dad-of-five Boris is understood to have been banned from immediately returning to Britain under the terms of his early release from jail. He spent only eight months in prison after being jailed in April for two-and-a-half years for hiding £2.5 million in assets to avoid paying his debts.

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