Asian Doll Insists She's Not Broke After Being Accused of Ghosting Designer Over Birthday Dress

A fashion designer named Caila Abdul also alleges on Instagram that the 26-year-old 'No Exposing' raptress 'sent [her] design to be recreated and copied by someone else last minute.'

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) has been accused of ghosting a designer over a custom birthday dress. Since the allegation emerged, the "No Exposing" raptress was ridiculed by some Internet users with one of them insinuating that she's broke.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, December 9, Asian wrote, "Yesterday I let y'all talk today ima tell all you [cencored] to SUCK MY [cencored] one by one... let's play." She was seemingly addressing the accusation.

One person then mocked Asian by writing, "How you on Twitter trying to beef with people when you can't even afford to pay an IG stylist cos you too busy sending your money towards court fees LMFAAOOOOOOOO." In response, she shot back, "Her dress was $1500 his dress was 2k b***h who couldn't afford what ? Your rent not even 2k b***h mind yo business."

It all started after a fashion designer called Caila Abdul shared screenshots of her DMs with Asian. "Wow. This is so heartbreaking. @asiandabrat had me spend hundreds of dollars to create her birthday dress just to ghost me A DAY BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY," she alleged. "Not only that, @asiandabrat also sent my design to be recreated and copied by someone else last minute."

"As a small business this is a huge loss !!" Caila further argued. "It may not mean much to celebrities but I spent hard earned money that I didn't have to loose. I spent sleepless nights to create her a rush order dress that I overnighted from overseas. Full diamond front/back gown that I worked more than hard on !! Literally so upsetting. Maturity would have been to at least tell me, and credit my work as your inspiration. So disheartening... I can post the gown that I created for her if anyone else is interested in purchasing."

While Asian initially hesitated to directly respond to the accusation, she finally hopped on Instagram Live to set the record straight. She said she never officially locked in with the lady and told her to start making the dress. However, the former girlfriend of the late King Von said she did have plans of wearing the dress to another one of her birthday celebrations this Sunday.

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