Asian Doll Called Out After Ghosting a Fashion Designer Following Custom Birthday Gown Request

Caila Abdul, a Memphis-based fashion designer, takes to Instagram to put the rapper on blast for ghosting her and stealing the designer's design to be recreated by someone else.

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) was accused of ghosting a fashion designer. Caila Abdul, a Memphis-based fashion designer, took to Instagram to call out the rapper for not replying to her message after Caila created a custom birthday gown for her.

On Thursday, December 8, Caila shared screenshots of their conversation via Instagram DM as well as some videos of the gown. "This is so heartbreaking," the designer said in the caption. "@asiandabrat had me spend hundreds of dollars to create her birthday dress just to ghost me A DAY BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY."

Not stopping there, Caila also accused Asian of sending her design to be recreated and being copied by someone else last minute. "As a small business this is a huge loss ‼️It may not mean much to celebrities but I spent hard earned money that I didn't have to loose," Caila shared.

"I spent sleepless nights to create her a rush order dress that I overnighted from overseas. Full diamond front/back gown that I worked more than hard on ‼️Literally so upsetting. Maturity would have been to at least tell me, and credit my work as your inspiration. So disheartening," she concluded.

When asked why she didn't take a deposit, Caila told The Shade Room, "I know I should have. I'm still a super new designer, and normally when people come to me, or I come to them, they pay after, especially when it's such a rushed thing."

She went on to say that at one point, she offered the gown in exchange for promotion. Caila added that she was most hurt about the fact that her design was stolen. "She (Asian Doll) stole my dress design. That made me more sad because I would've given it to her. She didn't have to take it," she explained.

Internet users quickly slammed Asian for it. "These z list rappers be acting out," one person blasted Asian. "Celebs do this shit all the time. Or should I say influencers or whatever! That's messed up!" someone else added. "I mean, Asian Doll never struck me as a pillar of morality," another user wrote.

Showing support to the designer, one person said, "Girl, don't even sweat it. Take that dress you made and make it a part of your portfolio! Everything happens for a reason. That dress might have another purpose!" Some others said that the dress that Caila made looked better than the one that Asian eventually wore. "The stylist dress is way better than the one she wore too. I hate when celebrities, who have the money to pay, play with everyday people on the come up," a person commented.

"I'm sure this was an exciting project and she wanted to jump at the opportunity and forgot all about a deposit or something. Small business owners, keep your policies the same even for these celebrities and influencers. Your blessing gonna come though pooh pooh," another comment read. Meanwhile, someone urged small business owner to be more careful. "Small business owners please please please no deposit and contact, no work!" the person wrote.

Asian, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the allegations.

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