Video of Woman Wrapped Around Cynthia Bailey's Husband Mike Hill Is 'Nothing Salacious'
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Meanwhile, the former 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' star seems 'in good spirits' when joining fellow Housewives Dorinda Medley and Meredith Marks at a strip club after filing for divorce.

AceShowbiz - Mike Hill didn't flirt with another woman prior to the announcement of his divorce from Cynthia Bailey. Before their split was confirmed, a video of Mike seemingly getting intimate with a woman surfaced online, raising concerns about possible infidelity. But now a source close to the situation has clarified what was happening in the clip.

In the video, the woman was seen with her arms wrapped around the lower half of Mike's body as she lifted her body up while they were at what looks like a bar. After her successful stunt, Mike clapped his hands for the woman before the two had a high-five.

The source has now said that there's nothing more than what was there in the video. According to The Shade Room, the moment captured in the clip was "innocent fun" and they didn't think that the moment would be turned into something that it wasn't.

The source shared that the woman is a good friend of Mike and she "is a WELL KNOWN, nationally renowned pole instructor who was just doing a core demonstration in a restaurant." The informant stressed, "There was absolutely nothing salacious about it."

The woman has since been identified as Nicole Williams, who has worked with a number of celebrities such as Snoop Dogg.

Meanwhile, Cynthia appears to be dealing with the end of her two-year marriage well. The former "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was recently spotted partying with fellow Housewives Dorinda Medley and Meredith Marks at a strip club.

"[Cynthia] seemed in good spirits," an insider told Page Six of Cynthia's night out with her friends at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in New York City on Thursday night, October 13. "She and Dorinda chatted most of the night. She was all smiles and giggles throughout the night." She reportedly stayed at the star-studded soiree for an hour before departing.

Cynthia has indeed denied that infidelity caused her divorce from Mike. "There was no infidelity to my knowledge. Mike never had sex with another woman during our marriage," she told PEOPLE in an interview on Wednesday, October 12. "At the end of the day, it just came down to a number of things." Insisting that the decision was a mutual move the two came to "with grace and peace," she said "it was nothing scandalous, we just outgrew each other."

And Cynthia didn't approach her divorce as a tragic ending. "It may not seem like it when you think about divorce or a relationship ending, but this for us is not a bad thing," she explained. "This is not a tragic ending for us. This is two people who have enough love and respect for each other to be truthful about their relationship in terms of asking themselves, 'Are we truly happy together? How do we want to move forward?' And then who were brave enough and loved one another enough to make that choice together."

"The beauty of the whole situation is Mike and I, we learned from our previous relationships," she further shared, before citing her first marriage, "[Peter Thomas] and I were married for almost eight years and we struggled a lot of those years; I didn't want to wait eight years to figure out that it's not working or we're not compatible as we thought we were. And Mike's the same way."

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