Ian Harding Welcomes First Child With Wife

The 'Pretty Little Liars' actor has officially added father to his resume after he welcomed his first child with his photographer wife after nearly 3 years of marriage.

AceShowbiz - "Pretty Little Liars" star Ian Harding officially becomes a first-time father. Ahead of his birthday Friday (16.09.22), the 36-year-old actor and his wife Sophie Hart welcomed their offspring.

"Thank you for the Birthday wishes folks. I'm thankful for many things this past year, but most of all I'm grateful for the best early birthday present a fella could ask for," he wrote alongside a picture of Ian holding the newborn's teeny hand.

The sex and name of the tot have not been shared by the new dad. Ian - who played Ezra Fitz in the Freeform mystery drama - leads a private life and waited two years before revealing to the world he and photographer Sophie had tied the knot.

The pair confirmed to People that they had a private ceremony in October 2019 in August last year. The couple first started dating in 2011.

Meanwhile, Ian's co-star Ashley Benson previously admitted she needed a "mental break" when "Pretty Little Liars" ended. The 31-year-old actress played Hanna Marin in the drama series between 2010 and 2017 - but she ultimately needed to take a step back when the show finished.

Ashley said last year, "Coming off a show after so long and doing TV continuously throughout my whole life ... I needed to take a mental break."

The actress had filmed 160 episodes across seven seasons when the show ended and she felt exhausted. And she was glad that she decided to take a break from the industry.

She added, "It was the best thing I ever did. I didn't work for a year and studied directors I wanted to work with and looked at actresses who inspired me, who came from TV and made it into film. I started to compartmentalise my wants and needs."

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