JT Seemingly Disses Roddy Ricch in New Song for Claiming He Slept With Her

In related news, the one half of City Girls goes off on a DJ after he plays GloRilla's 'FNF (Remix)' that features Saweetie's scrapped verses instead of hers at an event in Texas.

AceShowbiz - JT is believed to have taken shots at Roddy Ricch on her verses for GloRilla's "FNF (Remix)". On the new track, which was released on Friday, September 9, the one half of City Girls appeared to respond to Roddy's claims that he had sex with her.

"I don't care who he f**k wit' ", JT raps. "B***h, I can't be f**ked wit' (Nah)/ Must be gone off percs if you ever thought you f**ked this (What?)."

The girlfriend of Lil Uzi Vert continues, "Usin' my name for clickbait/ Eat my a** and my clit, wait/ B***h, I got a future, do it look like I can sit and wait/ I'm F-R-E-E, hold up, stop the beat/ I'm a mutherf**kin' City Girl, ain't s**t free 'bout me (Ayy)/ You a fraudulent a** ho, n***a, actin' like you on, n***a/ You ain't been in s**t since that PPP loan, n***a (Hahaha)."

Last month, Roddy said that he slept with JT after Uzi trolled him over his pair of "big a** boots" that he donned in the poster for his collaborative song with DJ Khaled. Uzi took to his Instagram Story to post a zoomed-in picture of the boots. "Wtffff," he wrote alongside several laughing while crying emojis, adding, "Who is this I only saw the boots I hope this just a normal person."

Roddy quickly caught wind of Uzi's post and clapped back. Firing back at the "Way Life Goes On" spitter, the Grammy-winning rhymer appeared to drag Uzi's girlfriend JT into the mix. Without mentioning any names, he wrote on Instagram Story, "U juss mad these size 8s was n ya b***h get over it."

That aside, JT snapped at a DJ after he played the wrong version of the track at an event in Texas on Satuday. Instead of blasting the official remix, he put on Saweetie's verse which was not released due to contract issues.

Understandably upset, JT took to Twitter to go off on the DJ. "This dj in Texas At KAMP intentionally played saweetie verse & [kept] saying JT boy if you don't get your delusional b***h a** on!!!!!" the 29-year-old wrote, before labeling men in the industry as "catty" and "weird."

She also responded to a a fan who asked, "What's the issue with her verse being played? You wanna be the only person in the spotlight? Get over yourself." She replied, "She's not on the song. DONT PLAY IN MY FACE! I love her, she's nice! But it's messy & uncalled for."

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