Saweetie Convinced Quavo 'Was the One' Before Their Split: 'I Was Hurt'
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In an interview with Yung Miami, the 'Icy Girl' raptress admits she thought she and the 'No Brainer' emcee were going to spend the rest of their lives together before their breakup last year.

AceShowbiz - Saweetie was apparently so in love with Quavo that she had seen her future with him. The "Best Friend" hitmaker has admitted that she "was hurt" when their relationship came to an end last year because she was convinced that he "was the one."

Saweetie got candid about her painful breakup from the Migos star when sitting down with Yung Miami for a new episode of "Caresha Please". Grilling the "Icy Girl" raptress about what led to the breakup, the City Girls star asked, "Did Quavo ever cheat on you?"

Saweetie initially dodged the question with "huh," prompting Yung Miami to repeat the question. Without giving a direct answer, the "Best Friend" star made a face while responding, "I think the past is the past and I've moved on since then."

Yung Miami then asked Saweetie if she thought her relationship with Quavo was "toxic." Keeping it respectful despite their split, Saweetie responded, "I think we had a lot of growing pains together."

"I thought we was gon spend the rest of our lives together," Saweetie then admitted. She added, "With him, I knew it was the one. It was different." When pressed further what caused their split, she deliberately answered, "Just differences."

Earlier in the interview, Saweetie revealed she went through a "hard" time last year, insinuating the aftermath of her split from Quavo. "I'm much better than last year," she reflected. "I felt like I had to overcome a lot last year and I'm finally getting back to my centered self."

The 29-year-old went on sharing, "Last year was hard for me. I lost someone who I loved. You know when you think someone is your soul mate and you don't end up with them, it's hard." She added that while it seemed like she was just having "fun" living a single life, deep inside she "was hurt" because she "really loved him."

Yung Miami couldn't help addressing Saweetie's repoed car. "so how you feel when he took your car back?" she asked, making Saweetie burst into laughter. Staying positive, Saweetie replied, "Girl! I had to go get me a little Rolls [Royce]. I really enjoyed my luxurious experience. I'm just gon get get one myself."

Saweetie also briefly talked about her relationship with other men post-split from Quavo. "I've encountered men who like... You know, we have a good time and then after that I hear them talking like telling people that we hanging out and that we doing some extra stuff," she said, revealing the deal breaker. "But it's just like boy just shut your mouth."

She further explained, "I like to have a mutual understanding. Like, we not public so don't say nothing. And as soon as they do that, I just cut them off."

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