Elon Musk's Trans Daughter Officially Changes Her Name to Vivian After Dropping His Last Name
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The 18-year-old daughter of Elon and Justine, whose previous name was Xavier Alexander Musk, will get a new birth certificate soon after she is granted a gender change.

AceShowbiz - Elon Musk's trans daughter has finalized her name change. Xavier Alexander Musk, who was born male, received approval from a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to officially change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, The 18-year-old was also granted a gender change. She now identifies as female, a new birth certificate with the new change will be issued soon by the state registrar.

Vivian filed her complaint on April 18, one day after celebrating her birthday. In the papers, she states the reason for the requested formal change as "Gender Identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form."

Since dropping Elon's famous last name, she adopted her mother Justine's last name. Justine herself expressed how proud she is of Vivian by quoting her on Twitter. " 'I had a weird childhood,' my 18-year-old said to me," she penned.

" 'I can't believe I'm as normal-seeming as I am.' I said, I'm very proud of you,' " Justine, who also shares Vivian's twin brother Griffin Musk with Elon, added. " ' I'm proud of myself!' "

Elon, for his part, seemingly responded to Vivian's request to change her name on his own Twitter page. On the same day his teen child filed the papers, the SpaceX founder tweeted, "I love all my kids so much."

Vivian and Griffin are the eldest of Elon's seven living children. His first child, a son named Nevada Alexander, died of sudden infant death syndrome at just 10 weeks old in 2002. Nevada, Vivian and Griffin's mom is Canadian fantasy author Justine Wilson. The former couple, who got married in 2000 before their divorce in 2008, also shares triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian, who were born in 2006. Elon also has a child, a son named X AE A-XII, with his former girlfriend Grimes.

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