Julia Fox Likened to Jeffree Star After Debuting Shocking Makeover

The former fling of Kanye West is mocked on social media after she shows off her newly-bleached eyebrows and brags about getting recognized a lot less in public with her new look.

AceShowbiz - Julia Fox may not be easily recognized these days. The Italian-born actress has been likened to YouTube star Jeffree Star after she debuted a shocking makeover on social media.

On Monday, May 30, the 32-year-old took to her Instagram account to share pictures of her new look. The former fling of Kanye West appears to have no eyebrows now as she has bleached them.

Adding to her dramatic look, Julia rocked an all-black outfit with a long black coat that features shoulder pads with a huge cutout on the back. She wrote in the caption, "Major shout out to my mother queen @patmcgrathreal for these brows!!! and can we talk about this insane coat by @paulbenzing …."

Julia also highlighted her new look on her Story. Clearly proud of it, she bragged about how people recognized her a lot less in public after she bleached her eyebrows. "Since I bleached the brow I get stopped on the street way less and even tho I fkin love u guys I'm enjoying this false sense of anonymity," so she claimed.

But not everybody loved Julia's new look, which has since drawn comparison to Jeffree Star's. One person noted, "Kinda looks like jefree star lol." Agreeing, another added, "She looks like Jeffrey star."

Some others trolled Julia, claiming that she isn't that famous to be stopped by fans on the streets. "Girl ain't nobody checking for youuuuuu," one commented on Julia's Story. Another pointed out, "You weren't getting stopped until you were seen with Kanye," while another added, "Girl shut up, no one was checkin for you until you dated Kanye for 15 mins."

Some others accused Julia of thirsting for attention by sharing the story. "This is a cry for ;stop me in the streets," one person claimed. Another wrote, "But she posted a pic so wtf was the point." Another critic said, "But she told y'all how to find her …. this Julia girl is the thirstiest could drink a well dry."

"So she needed people to see that she bleached her eyebrows so people would notice her more?" one other person wondered. Someone else questioned her intention as writing, "So you let everyone know bleached your eyebrows because you love the anonymity?"

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