The 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actor, who was just nine years old when he was exposed to pornography, reveals that his porn addiction 'actually led to some infidelity.'

AceShowbiz - Terry Crews and his wife had a "90-day sex fast" to battle his pornography addiction.

The 53-year-old actor - who has been open about his struggles in the past - revealed he and his wife Rebecca tackled the issues together and it made him feel like he was "12 years old again."

He told Entertainment Tonight, "We did it together. Rebecca was right there and she actually regrouped with me."

"I went on a 90-day sex fast [with] her. And people were like, 'Whoa, that's crazy!' But let me tell you something - what was so beautiful about that, was it took me to a time when I was 12 years old and I liked a girl and I didn't know anything about sex."

"But all I did was give her a flower and say, 'I like you for who you are.' And it wasn't about sex. It took us back to those moments."

"I felt like I was 12 years old again, because sex had been taken out of the equation and it was all about love again."

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor explained how he was nine years old when he was first "exposed to pornography," and he kept his addiction a secret for two decades of marriage, admitting it "actually led to some infidelity."

Although he resigned himself to never tell Rebecca whom he married in 1989 - he added, "But my wife knew something was wrong because we kept getting farther and farther apart."

"And when she addressed me and finally put the question to me, 'What is it that I don't know about you, Terry Crews?' "

"And I told... I was thinking, 'Well, you know, finally we can get past this.' She was like, 'Uh uh, nope, I'm out. I'm gone.' "

He explained his wife wasn't being "judgemental," she was instead trying to help and it inspired him to make a change.

He shared, "She always said, 'I love you, this is why I have to leave you.' That was the whole [thing]."

"It wasn't judgmental, it was always like, 'I love you too much to even stay with you right now.' "

"It was so deep, and I was like, 'If she can make these kind of statements to me, then how could I not do the work?' "

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