Terry Crews' Doctor Discovers Potentially Cancerous Polyps During Colonoscopy

The 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' star makes the revelation in a video as President Camacho for new campaign raising awareness of colon cancer being preventable for Lead From Behind.

AceShowbiz - Terry Crews has revealed his doctor discovered potentially cancerous polyps in his system during a colonoscopy. The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor has reprised his role as President Camacho from 2006's 'Idiocracy' in a new campaign raising awareness of colon cancer being preventable for Lead From Behind.

In a video as President Camacho, the 54-year-old star said, "I came for the future to get the best care now, so that I can live forever. I am the president, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew-not Mountain Don't. And today, I'm about to Mountain do-do. My a** is about to be clean as glass!"

After the actor woke up from the 25-procedure, he was told that several polyps had the potential to turn cancerous, but they had been removed from his body. Still in character, he added, "Listen, this s*** will literally save your life. So if you 45 or 455 like me, get your a** checked. This s*** killing way too many of my constituents, especially Black men. And I need you all alive to vote for Camacho in 2020FO!"

Terry shared the video with his Instagram followers, and urged people to "do the right thing" by getting themselves checked. He wrote, "Happy to put my butt on the line for @leadfrombehind if it means saving many more. Do the right thing and get your [peach emoji] checked."

When it comes to getting back in character for the actual film colonoscopy, Crews thought it was the "perfect way" to get through to people.

He told PEOPLE magazine, "I've partnered with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and Lead From Behind because together we can prevent unnecessary suffering from preventable cancer. The outrageous persona of President Camacho demands the attention this cause deserves. Reprising this role felt like the perfect way to continue to raise awareness and encourage people to get screened."

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