Lady GaGa Believed to Have Undergone Extreme Cosmetic Procedure as She Looks 'Noticeably Different'

According to nurse Tara Garrick of Neinstein Plastic Surgery, the 'House of Gucci' star seemingly 'had quite a bit of work done' as her lips look plumper and her nose appears more 'contoured.'

AceShowbiz - Lady GaGa may have undergone plastic surgery to achieve her new look. According to nurse Tara Garrick of Neinstein Plastic Surgery in New York City, the "House of Gucci" actress has most likely had quite a bit of work done.

"Her lips while plump look like they have been elevated with a surgical lift," nurse Tara told OK! Magazine in an article published on Monday, April 18. She continued, "Her nose looks more than contoured and looks to be surgically enhanced." She then added that the pop star's cheeks "have more volume than normal for her age as we lose volume indicating cheek filler."

Lady GaGa sparked plastic surgery rumors after she performed an emotional tribute to Tony Bennett at the 2022 Grammy Awards earlier this month. While the "Rain On Me" singer looked stunning for the prestigious award ceremony, onlookers pointed out that she appeared "noticeably different."

Many of her fans were later concerned over her excessive cosmetic procedure as the "A Star Is Born" actress previously admitted to being "addicted" to fillers. "I went through a phase when I was smoking pot when I was really obsessed with getting facial injections," she told Howard Stern in 2013. "I was going to this strip mall in Chicago in the back...Everybody was like, 'You are a nut job.' "

In 2018, Dr. Zara Harutyunyan from L.A.'s Cosmetic Rejuvenation spoke to Radar Online, noting that Lady GaGa might have undergone "lip augmentation." Dr. Zara shared, "The tip of her nose is looking a lot shorter now. A lot of vocal artists sometimes take a big risk for going under the knife for rhinoplasty, so GaGa may have lifted the tip of her nose with some dermal fillers instead." She additionally said that Lady GaGa's "upper face seems to be more lifted and she may have had a non-surgical upper facelift with the help of PDO threads."

That same year, Dr. Norman Rowe of Rowe Plastic Surgery said that he believed Lady GaGa had works done on her face as well. "It appears that she has had neuromodulator injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent them from occurring," Dr. Norman said. He then claimed, "It also appears that Lady GaGa may have used hyaluronic acid fillers to accentuate her cheekbones and lip fillers to enhance her youthful appearance."

Another expert weighing in on the speculations was Adam Scaffner, M.D., F.A.C.S.. Adam stated that the "Poker Face" hitmaker "may have used botox and/or skin care treatments to help improve the appearance of the skin." He also claimed that "fillers may have been used to help provide the appearance of higher, more defined cheek bones."

July last year, Lady GaGa also faced accusations that she had plastic surgery after she was photographed picking up her late-night snack following a night out with musical director Michael Bearden. At the time, she donned heavy makeup which somehow made her look different.

"She looks like a completely different person every time I see her!" one social media user commented on her look. Another opined, "Whatever she did to her face it too much." A third one pointed out, "That brow lift is extreme."

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