Chance The Rapper Denies Shading Keyshia Cole in Text About Collab

A fan revisits the 'Cocoa Butter Kisses' rapper's tweet back in 2013 in which he asked for fans help to make the 'Love' hitmaker aware of his hope for a collaboration.

AceShowbiz - Chance The Rapper set the record straight. The "Cocoa Butter Kisses" rapper clarified in a Twitter post after Keyshia Cole accused him of shading her when she reached out to him for a collaboration.

It started after a fan revisited the hip-hop star's tweet back in 2013. In the said post, Chance wrote about his hope to work with the "Love" hitmaker, "YO! Anyone who supports my music and is a homie help me out with a tweet that say ' Yo, @KeyshiaCole, Chance says hi ' !"

The said fan quote-retweeted the post and tagged Keyshia in a tweet on Tuesday, March 29. "@KeyshiaCole did you ever know @chancetherapper tweeted you this much??" Apparently, the singer had no idea about it and only realizes now that it might be reason why the rapper curved her collab text.

"Now I get why he shaded me when I texted him about a song," so Keyshia responded. Chance, however, begged to differ. Denying that he ever did that to her, the "Favorite Song" spitter replied, "U musta text someone else."

Fans were amused upon catching wind of the interaction between the two musicians. While one called it an "Awkward moment," someone else found the whole situation "funny af." Another user poked fun at Chance, saying, "He put a stop to that fast." Meanwhile, one user tried to turn this as a reminder to everyone. "Be careful who you ignore they might f**k around and be bigger than you one day and you may want their support !" the person said.

That aside, some fans were hoping that they would collab one day now that the misunderstanding was resolved. "Misunderstandingsī¸. now collab already," a fan wrote, while one other comment read, "I would actually love to see this collab." Echoing the sentiment, another fan added, "Sounds like miscommunication. So get to that song y'all. Thanks."

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