Kodak Black Downplays Getting Shot: 'I Did a Lot of S**t'

The 'Super Gremlin' hitmaker seemingly saw the shooting coming as he says in an interview that 'that's what I get … for latching onto these n***as and s**t.'

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black doesn't think that getting shot is a big deal. Despite having to be hospitalized and being confined to a walker following the February 13 incident, the rapper shrugged off his recent shooting in Los Angeles.

The Pompano Beach native stopped by "The Breakfast Club" on Wednesday morning, February 23 when he talked about the shooting incident. He said that nobody was after him and it was only one person who ran up on him.

"Nobody was like after us or we was after them or like, know what I'm saying? No hit or no crazy s**t like that," Kodak, whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapri, said in the interview. "It was just one of them nights."

Charlamagne Tha God then asked Kodak why in his recent IG Live sessions he seemed relieved to have "finally" been targeted. "I'm the type of n***a nobody gonna make me feel bad man," the 24-year-old said.

He went on elaborating, "I'm gonna show you my scars, I'm highlighting myself so you gonna be like 'oh haha you got punked,' I'm laughing at my damn self. I be like man that n***a shot me real good. I'm shot up good you hear me? S**t like that. That's what I get you know what I'm saying?"

Charmalagne pressed him further, "That's what you get for what though?" Kodak seemingly saw it coming as he explained, "For latching onto these n***as and s**t. I know people ain't fighting no more then it's like s**t I did a lot of s**t Charlamagne, I'll take my lick you heard me? I'm glad it wasn't crazy or nothing, no whole other s**t. I thank God every day since then, that s**t could have been worse."

Previously, Wack 100 claimed that Kodak was shot by a Los Angeles-based gangster who took issue with the Florida native's old comments about Nipsey Hussle's partner Lauren London. "N***as out here trippin' on Kodak, man. On some clout chasing s**t," The Game and Blueface's manager said on Clubhouse. "Talkin' 'bout, 'What's that s**t you said about Lauren London?' Man, get the f**k out of here. But Kodak got off!"

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