Sam Hunt's Pregnant Wife Refiles for Divorce in Another County After Withdrawing First Petition

Hannah Lee Fowler, who accuses the country music star of adultery, withdrew her petition to end their marriage on the same day she filed it because of technical issue.

AceShowbiz - Sam Hunt and his wife's divorce is still on. Though Hannah Lee Fowler seemed to have had a change of heart after withdrawing her petition to end their marriage, she apparently had a legit reason to do so.

Hannah withdrew her first petition on the same day she filed for divorce. However, she has since refiled it in different county in the Nashville, TN area. Turns out she apparently filed the first petition in the wrong county and her lawyers realized the jurisdiction was wrong, so they fixed it, according to TMZ.

The same site previously reported that Hannah filed for divorce from Sam on Friday, February 18, citing adultery. She claimed the 37-year-old is "guilty of inappropriate marital conduct" and "guilty of adultery."

"The husband is guilty of such cruel and inhuman treatment or conduct toward the spouse as renders cohabitation unsafe or improper," read the docs. She added that "all hopes of reconciliation are exhausted."

In addition to the infidelity claims, the court docs revealed that Hannah is currently pregnant with their first child and she is due in May. The nurse is requesting "transitional alimony, rehabilitative alimony and alimony in [the] future" and asks to be named the primary residential guardian of the pair's baby-to-be. Along with seeking child support, Hannah sought for "the parties [to] be awarded their respective separate property," indicating that they have a prenup.

Sam and Hannah got engaged in January 2017 after dating on-and-off since 2008. She was the main inspiration behind his album "Montevallo". Her name and their story are also referenced in his song "Drinkin' Too Much". The now-estranged couple tied the knot in Sam's hometown of Cedartown, Georgia.

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