Keyshia Cole Mourns Death of Beloved Dog After Losing Her Parents

The 40-year-old 'I Should Have Cheated' songstress confirms the death of her dog Lola by sharing a number of pictures of her and the canine throughout the years.

AceShowbiz - Keyshia Cole has faced a series of losses in 2021. Just weeks after losing her dad and months after her mother's passing, the "I Should Have Cheated" songstress mourned the death of her beloved dog.

The 40-year-old announced the sad news on Instagram by sharing some pictures of Lola. "I'm gonna miss my Lola !!!!!! A companion fit for a queen. I knew it was real that one time I got my heart broke, and couldn't get out out bed. She didn't get up until I got up! Boy was she happy when I got over that s**t!" she began her tribute.

"To see her and Djs relationship come full circle, and to end up being really close. She really was the smartest animal I've ever encountered… she was my Besty in REAL LIFE! There through thick and thin everyday for the last 14 years!!" the musician added. "I even delivered her babies one time in NYC … her a** decided to have her babies right before one of my biggest headlining shows at madison square garden, but I'm sorry y'all had to wait, until I helped my Lola's puppy's be born."

"we were so close and I was looking forward to @tobiaskhale and her relationship evolving just like her and @daniel_gibsonjr s did. I'm so sad and heartbroken, but I KNO everything is not for a lifetime.! I've realized this. Things people and places get old, and we are all constantly progressing," she concluded her message. "Love you Lola Mae Cole FOR LIFE BABY GIRL !!!! I LOVE U LOVE YOU LOVE YOU."

Many have since shown their sympathy to Keyshia. One fan in particular wrote, "Rough year. Hugs to you." Another lamented, "Mannn. They say death comes in 3's. This is seriously heartbreaking mannnn." A third added, "Omg, Your mom , Your dad and now your beloved dog. Idk what to say , just be strong girl."

The news arrived after Keyshia confirmed that her adoptive father Leon Cole died from COVID-19 complications. "Unfortunately my father didn't make it through his complications, due to covid-19," she shared on Instagram on November 16. "So here we are. He's the entire reason my last name is COLE, The only father I knew, he did such a great job here on earth!!!!!"

In July, Keyshia's biological mother Frankie died of overdosed at her Oakland home while celebrating her 61st birthday. Mourning the loss of his mom, Keyshia shared a tribute to her on Instagram days later by lamenting, "This is so hard man. Can't really even find the words. SMH."

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