London On Da Track's BM Keeps Dissing Summer Walker After Her Instagram Gets Deleted

Eboni Ivorii is forced to create a new Instagram account nearly two weeks after the 'Still Over It' artist pleaded with her fans to report the former's page.

AceShowbiz - Nothing can't stop London On Da Track's baby mama from calling out Summer Walker. After her Instagram account got deleted, Eboni Ivorii created a new one just to diss the "Still Over It" artist once again.

Making use of her Instagram Story, Eboni reposted a mirror selfie of Summer with curly hair. Alongside the snap, there's a note that read, "Summer out here lookin like Meech from BMF."

Not stopping three, Eboni continued to get some things off her chest. "The funny thing is how hard you are on the internet & behind that mic knowing good n well you didn't & don't want no smoke ever ever n person," she wrote in another post.

"And guess what y'all can save the oh she still talkin comments Bc y'all still listening to that boogy ol song ima keep talkin too. The internet is a big enough. All we gotta do is summer keep that long nose & those long ears on your side & I'll stay on my lil side," she fumed. "I'm taking mental notes. People take my kindness for weakness & stupidity then when I finally flip I'm crazy."

Around two weeks prior, Eboni accused Summer of sitting back and watching London mistreat his baby mamas only to make an album about being treated the same way. Eboni insisted that she is "still waiting for the apology like a grown women you say you are."

Summer, who is now happily dating LVRD Pharoh, then fired back at Eboni. Telling the latter to move on because she has been disturbing her for "almost 3 years," the singer argued, "Your scaring me cause this is clearly obsession." She continued, "You know I am a advocate for mental health so you might wanna get some help with that pinned up anger you have inside. Please stop mentioning me and my child."

"I'm very uncomfortable now. & I saw the death threat I Just ignored it," the 25-year-old Atlanta native added, before sharing a screenshot of Eboni's Instagram page and writing, "Everyone go report her page she's creeping me out I've already stated a million times I have no beef."

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